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Guy paid with this while apologizing profusely.

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9 points

Happy Columbus Day!

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22 points

Old woman’s picture comically places next to this

Preview ae0ca176 f2f8 4e60 86e5 41bc63f98dfe
66 points

I'm still not going to eat it!

Preview d54759dd f311 41e9 afb7 5b04e2c1d567

The elite doesn't want you to taste the forbidden fruit!

Preview 715438bd 47ab 4fdc 8ea6 7d5af13f8d32
54 points

I Need A Firm Male Reproduction Organ

Preview 44eeb403 b9d4 4f68 a444 8ab7bf3408e2
58 points

This character from my daughter's school book.

Preview 041d3bcd 1836 49b8 b350 ec262ac26a57
78 points

My friends test response

Preview bde3cdd6 437f 4254 a3f9 7c129114978a
20 points

So this was hanging in front of my chair at the dentist's office today...

Preview 4277b4a3 42b9 4d76 9cbd ca53306c3892
22 points

Math may not seem very important to some, but in my school, it's some serious shit!

Preview 9d37b01e d7c4 4f20 906b bb3c2edfb61b
23 points

Oh, sorry.

Preview 1c90a3c0 3d5e 47f8 9746 20dec7511a10
20 points

A mistake was made here today

Preview ce805f90 cfe8 4e1b acb0 2fa569a31f2b
110 points

I just wanted to enjoy my candy.

Preview 32973a13 868c 46af 9887 3066aadbafd5
24 points

I see what you did there...

Preview ad10a295 c1e9 4149 b3eb 77f60c0c4e9e
24 points


Preview 888a3b34 aa49 4f89 80a9 8947077095a7

My son’s first grade HW. He had to correct this sentence.

Preview 60485728 eaa5 46ff b4f0 b05467bc85b1
78 points

Local strip club.

Preview e1aece64 ec22 4ec6 84e7 83803a810f2e
21 points

Waiting for my Physiotherapist and thus caught my attention

Preview 7690b65a 8816 444a b405 65b185e5cb85
20 points


Preview 8e6c8e12 dbd3 44c1 a31b b410dcb36b49
71 points

Don't swallow

Preview c4cd483c c9a5 4de0 b31b e7d88ae96ec6
45 points

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