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Well ok then...

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Lord Ganesha is one of the Indian God.

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My mate found this in an elevator on a construction site

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My mom finally opened her present I gave her in 1998.

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National Coming Out Day

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What I hear when my gf is talking about her early twenties...

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two dads

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Cereal or Hair Dye? Don't know which is weirder

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Parking enforcement has not a single fuck to spare

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We all

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Not trying to earn a degree or anything..

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Waiting for my Physiotherapist and thus caught my attention

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Well, are they?

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I'll never be too old for this to not be hilarious. My girlfriend was not amused.

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So I found behavior reports from my childhood.

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Patrick Stewart!

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This notepad has a mini pallet for it's base

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The Midget Is Back

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🍕🍕 Pizza 🍕🍕

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Picked up trash today... found this in the process

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