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Chris Stuckmann reviewing The Emoji Movie

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Inspiring Van Gogh quote.

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In Italy, I found this beer that was totally out of mein comfort zone!

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Circular and possibly red...

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Proud to be slav

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Stupid question

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Bartender was training last night and had to practice the entire specials menu, me and my sister got 17 free drinks out of it!

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You're not the boss of me

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Meals ready to eat.

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On point, as always, Nick Fury.

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Enjoy life

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If You Only Go To One TV-Themed Bar This Summer, Let It Be This Awesome "Game Of Thrones" Pub


Life hack

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Having a barbecue, Zoolander style.

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Time to rewatch this gem

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Pewdiepie did nothing wrong!

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Khal Drogo's workout routine

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Choose wisely my Bros

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Pizza os everything

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