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Hibachi on the cheap.

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105 points

Anyone up for a soak in the hot tub?

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76 points

When you make the minimum Credit Card payment after the holiday season.

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88 points

Improvise adapt overcome

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94 points

Gummy Bear sausages

Preview 84bee35d 9f96 473a a063 d52c18c78011
78 points

Because German engineering

Preview 19210361 a6e5 45cd 8567 102d21edbcc6
101 points

Someone put raw meat in my mailbox

Preview 1bfa18cb 9ce1 4719 80cd 5a4169d335d1
74 points

Early Italian nuclear test

Preview 0b27321e ac17 4fa0 b1d4 59aff943b9eb
83 points


Preview 34c2a6a7 a87d 47b5 9dd4 f29db1b880e9
119 points

Dinner was dropped while screaming "WTF!!!"

Preview 6ae09fd4 1d6a 402a a396 7ad4ce9bfdff
120 points

So for anyone that has never been to Japan. This is how some people reserve the table at starbucks when they go inside to get a coffee.

Preview 029cdefe ce03 430e 9ce9 d70b8fedd6cd
136 points

US Iowa, 1984

Preview 0210a5ea 0a5a 4ea0 bdba 2f9f3932251d
22 points

The great escape..!!

Preview 119b09df 7457 4084 ac11 b50947474f52
84 points

Found this makeshift torture device out by a pool I was opening

Preview 08108941 93f7 499a 9716 eb0c0279e33c
14 points

The one bite when you realize it isn't fish.

Preview 6780c89c 1f0e 43b7 a9d1 0623e0c49e1b
156 points

Awwww to Mmmmm

Preview 566eb429 7105 44b2 bf6d dd50a7242d9f
257 points

Eat This Ramen In Less Than 20 Minutes, Earn $438!

Preview 929a1e83 a636 4764 a88b 08a1a14e0c4d
107 points

A bacon-wrapped smoked alligator eating a smoked chicken WTF?

Preview 93827fed 7d76 4af8 adc3 efd32f660b03
322 points

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