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After seeing that Rhode Island may block porn, it reminded me of this Scrubs gem

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71 points

Working in IT, I can relate

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52 points

Elon Musk in 2 years

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55 points

The clever layering of different objects and periods, including a beautiful, custom brass staircase, identifies the Talisman style in this London home.

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64 points

This truck I passed in Idaho.

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83 points

I think she gives a pretty clear answer

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Future is coming...

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74 points

They aren’t great, but....

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93 points

"Children For Sale", 1948

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109 points

Lady Gaga VS the Super Bowl

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100 points

What are those holes for?

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First day on the job and supposed to watching a training video...

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75 points

The sign at the local hot wing bar.

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*Addams family theme song*

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84 points

Working in IT, I can relate

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103 points

My sister got to decide the CVS sign today

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47 points

Grand opening

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45 points

Meanwhile in Asia

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60 points

Our Danish supermarket store probably shouldn't expand to USA anytime soon

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94 points

Gimme the -

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