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Is it just me, or does the IRS building sign look like a giant Cards Against Humanity card?

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172 points

*Looking around for employees*

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130 points

Genius trap!

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150 points

I think I'll go somewhere eles.

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89 points

Can’t even use the PC

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I live in the basement. I told my dad I needed more natural light in my bedroom, so he bought me this mirror.

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103 points

An unsinkable business opportunity

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122 points

new girlfriend?

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147 points

Mmmm glazed

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112 points

You haven't eaten pizza until....

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Because hate is apparently a religious ideal. This “church” puts up anti-gay, anti-white, and just generally intolerant messages every week.

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116 points

Mark Zuckerburg sitting on a booster seat

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149 points

Finally some good advise

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75 points

1st world nations but can you do this ?

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114 points

Meanwhile in Toronto...

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106 points

We had quite a windy Valentine’s Day...

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144 points

Ron Swanson is my spirit animal

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132 points

After seeing that Rhode Island may block porn, it reminded me of this Scrubs gem

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98 points

Working in IT, I can relate

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