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Wouldn't want to get some shade under this tree......can you spot them all???

Preview 48979464 602a 4735 b5a7 8e46208a28b0
72 points

Guess who found the last egg.

Preview 8bc2e7e1 b973 4703 9be8 309fdc188e92
18 points

Mitosis hiding in a Hickory pile

Preview 61a0c5c9 52ed 4f40 8caa d3296e8c4f9d

Vertical Cliffs

Preview 147d7a87 fe75 4568 bde2 ab36821313fd

Yeah, this happened.

Preview 5f712fbf f2a3 4d7a a0a1 e212520c169e
23 points

Undercover agent !?

Preview 4600f7f8 1543 4bb3 b58f 8a04e8a02cb8
99 points

A tree at my daughter's park ate a squirrel.

Preview 633cf820 ad8d 4a82 83c7 264641e5d6ca
95 points

WTF tree!?

Preview bbc37972 90e5 4518 b085 b0bdf5eb8ea2
17 points

Napa Fire Burns Tree’s Insides

Preview 63aae60b 50ab 48c2 b616 6c4b7477eaac
22 points

Ooh I'm invisible!

Preview b9c7c93b 14ae 449b 970d 341c312716a5
19 points

This tree with humans for scale

Preview 86d54115 4589 4e30 a712 018750dd82e0
21 points

Elk pinned to a tree by an avalanche

Preview 2bfe8ef7 a9aa 481f 83fb 438ae5f9ecbe
70 points

Gypsy moth issue

Preview 4ed229ca b7c8 42ad b54e fd006446ff20
9 points

I'll just sleep here

Preview fc809834 5ca5 42f0 8fdf 972a6e581811
37 points

When your plan(t)s finally flourish...

Preview 5fe401f6 8776 4b6c 9cb2 94e017a44033
11 points

Wallpaper #5 | Wood

Preview 204238b2 5079 4f96 93f1 fd0bb8e3db9f
12 points

Dog squirts water out of his butt when he barks

13 points

Tree struck by lightning caught fire from inside

Preview b6f4aa30 ea10 49a0 927c 37602c72b934
201 points

3200 year old tree

Preview a92abfed 8dd0 4394 8085 2c217a1ca716
136 points

So my dad got a set of throwing knives...

Preview f5ed0aeb 103a 4a31 95ec e251657f5cfd
164 points

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