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So then I asked

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130 points

The letter "N"

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135 points

MMM-Mellie With Too Much Clothes On at the Annual Find the One Truth Contest on White Horse Lawn

Preview 06f95d0e db17 4807 9d6b 86e0e53ea2ca
111 points

Under heavy fire from Congress today, Data claims he was never "mishandled" by Facebook.

Preview 280b4845 10dd 4905 b44a b2e0d04a44ca
108 points

When Congress Think They Have You Fucc'd But You're The Zucc!

Preview e158e0b7 b4fc 4cc6 82b8 bf0c1d47efca
138 points

r/funny mods be like

Preview ab92f7a9 0e20 4bb7 a73a 6d57b5dee14c
127 points

Mark Hamill is such a 'Joker'

Preview 4445882a 232d 4ffe 94af a8f26693468b
151 points

This man is a legend

Preview 5db7b8f2 c5c5 49f9 9dd9 ce2bfa3e23fa
101 points


Preview 06ce6f29 6b3c 4270 837a 9b9a763b844d
123 points

Happy birthday kid from Hot Fuzz

Preview 935b95d3 25d8 4dc9 bb31 4a9f1389bb22
78 points

You picked the wrong house fool!

Preview b90c6eb3 36ef 4b89 af13 1dc703ab4a93
201 points

Stop asking hard questions, pls

Preview e2febf73 d1a0 4011 b476 84aac0577715

We're hitting autism levels that shouldn't even be possible !

Preview 41db79a1 f94a 4501 9beb 5027e2b1085f
249 points

Why god why..

Preview 80bf62ab 107f 47e9 8389 b09580be834b
85 points

Our lord and savior!

Preview bd4b0c85 6501 4256 a12b b0167d0e4104
93 points

still waiting...

Preview b096875c 0b53 4b9f abe7 b9f8d16c51ee
63 points

Nukes, nukes for everyone

Preview f9f2aa45 df49 49c9 8991 8db7f66b9bc0
79 points

Zach Galifinakis at a gift card shop

Preview c1ae7007 17ea 437f aaed 1e4a6dfdaab9
72 points


Preview f39602ef 27a6 4b51 a92e 4000bf4b8cbf
105 points

If Freddy wanted to give me aids I'd take it

Preview a3e52772 e184 4e2f 9131 de967fedfeb6
114 points

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