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These fish don't seem pleased by their relocation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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88 points

At my nephew's football game and this sign at the field cracked me up

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66 points

Portland, OR tow trailer

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23 points

Clearwater House in Niseko, Japan | by Seshimo Architects

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18 points

So that’s where they grow them..

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21 points

Stay warm

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17 points

One of the most peaceful photos I've taken

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21 points

Jeane Claude Van Racoon

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58 points

Curved Escalator

Preview d4fede83 9fcb 40f9 be50 3b45ee364f33
62 points

Trees roots grew the shape of the sidewalk

Preview db5d01b5 6ebe 4f17 a687 0f66ac23acee
79 points

Smoke break view of my living room.

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24 points

UXUS Office, Amsterdam

Preview 13279b71 5e6f 4492 b90b 6aa50009fedf
22 points

I found this swing under a bridge in Minneapolis. It overlooks a few hundred ft drop and it's only being held on by 2 janky ropes.

Preview 3696a4a3 0b36 405a 8428 1d8658a09b93
20 points

Happened to turn down a street with a most unfortunate name.

Preview 98e29d99 2380 4297 9584 85dd8174a706
24 points

Didn’t stop in “tine” I guess.

Preview d68fa57d 6546 4339 bfef f496a215ea41
21 points

Well at least they took the time to update it? (Found at Alki)

Preview fb264b11 6092 4601 bef7 3dc3ab2070e5
71 points

This goat's coat lining up with the divider

Preview a2a8eb0c 76cd 410a 9639 f3e9694030fa

Nakanoshima, Japan

Preview 3f20519f 6adf 4e2f 8784 7d2f049e6a5c
12 points

Another boring day at the zoo

Preview 3b357ee1 ad16 4732 9eb4 86705f8477e6
16 points

Took her outside for a potty break. Checked on her a minute later and found her like this.

Preview d2b3de2b a36e 4652 b683 e023e3611b20
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