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Jian Li Ju Theatre, China, 2017

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86 points

I bought a house that was supposedly vacant for a year, but by the looks of the sleeping bag and Taco Bell packets in the backyard apparently not...

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56 points

Guns and Roses have sure toned it down..

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55 points

Just cause

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23 points

Too true

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57 points

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy think they are sly.

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69 points

After all of these years, I finally found it.

Preview 46aab5fd f17d 4b32 b4c7 c7152a46f2e8
95 points

Living Room in Queenstown, New Zealand

Preview da045785 4248 4e95 8361 b5eea9c9bbb6
28 points

When you are just too good at hide and seek

Preview ef32c3c7 895f 4ad7 96e7 fab56ad6370a
95 points

Sign at a dog park

Preview b0fbed51 424e 43e7 acce df6d856fcdbc
85 points

Apparently there have been calls about "dead" horses...

Preview 45e37f63 b19c 490a 9f26 8a5f8cd1fc2c
83 points

"Lobster" trap- Cressona, PA

Preview 79dd9ea5 ffd2 4d2f 90cb 1008161c1298
90 points

Damn it!!

Preview 3b712df3 f65e 46e4 8392 807a37785bf9
97 points

Do I have your attention now? More peanuts, please.

Preview f2dd70ee 907d 4afd 930f 84efb044632e

I've seen some weird license plates before, but this is mystifying

Preview 4e485dd0 d584 436b 8441 f1328276cd18
77 points

This why I always go mini golfing for 1st dates..

Preview 2a33c031 f0af 4bbf 9045 e8bcdc4bcd15
89 points

I don’t even know what to say.

Preview dd0617b5 2b98 4b6f a2bc b73c8c32e9d7
87 points

These fish don't seem pleased by their relocation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Preview 650ed74a 2b12 4e07 aa03 8189c85fe91b
99 points

At my nephew's football game and this sign at the field cracked me up

Preview 4b7a948c 51b4 4b67 9166 9213011ddd8f
75 points

Portland, OR tow trailer

Preview ffb68d0d 3c88 4196 b5ad 211c904eaba3
77 points

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