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This can’t be sanitary...

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72 points

“Too bad you’re stuck down there...”

Preview af1594ad 44f9 47c5 b2fc fef3154b3263

~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

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61 points

Apple anyone?

Preview 9a4dfc09 ecd1 4dfe 9ff1 5d524f481439

Took a picture of tip-off at the right moment. Just two bros holding hands.

Preview 175af335 85a4 4dfc 8e07 f41efc989251

Just ordered a basket of judgemental fluffyness

Preview ce55f32a 529b 4539 bdde 53a23f1c176c
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Apparently balls for heads is what's in right now

Preview 1e42f1b0 bce6 497d 8448 0921a2534b0e

I'll just jump in here whilst you're pooping

Preview 4b1cdb8c ff52 4480 b583 917f41bdcbc8

He's not allowed on the counter...or on the clean laundry

Preview a99332af 161a 4bce a5ad 28ab99c17249

The fruit guardian

Preview 60dc3c9a 8746 45fd a7c3 70ccee6537cb

Our Ferret and Kitten have become best buds <3

Preview 7ec7259e 7efc 419d b049 f74da847bb7f
20 points

This guy holding a cut out cardboard of his face expression. Priceless.

Preview 914f1eba 9e29 4e7b 89a0 a64331418a53
48 points

The resemblance is uncanny

Preview d114d575 b5b6 4000 9d39 9a5298d9e785
14 points

Secret mars pics leakes

Preview f4dc3b4c 5745 4e1d 9f45 f5f0def8ced3
10 points

China has built a 190 foot (58m) Guan Yu -god of war statue. Awesome!

Preview 3580b505 53b3 4168 bbc5 30654a8aa106
14 points

Cashier at McDonald's aint that bad

Preview e5766e63 0af6 4f6d 86bf c88bca99cf0e
10 points

Nut Nut

Preview 35417dc7 5c24 4a06 8bba 6dd547638482
14 points

Main effect

Preview 82658f85 3f31 4f0b 9cc0 6f29226946bb
14 points

Caption this

Preview 4c479fd6 be11 46cb a908 d2cb35dd1fcf
136 points

Not hard to guess I guess

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