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Walmart life

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155 points

Just pickin up some groceries

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113 points


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Yo Sarah, Come Over Here and Set Your Ass Down

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159 points

Meanwhile, In Walmart...

Preview a571a873 a25e 4add b49b c0b43b6e67e2
121 points

When I get old....

Preview a1e8d065 fcea 456a 97a4 c4ab5beef0de
117 points

Wow, I’ve been wearing these wrong all these years

Preview 8a12d87e 55ee 4162 987b e1e999eede51
94 points

This can’t be sanitary...

Preview f91a51b2 f27e 4b18 a7e3 3ba55190541d
96 points

“Too bad you’re stuck down there...”

Preview af1594ad 44f9 47c5 b2fc fef3154b3263

~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.

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105 points

3 stories up and I see this sign. It made me sick to my stomach.

Preview 611142c4 86c9 4c08 b776 533d11a5d1ff

Apple anyone?

Preview 9a4dfc09 ecd1 4dfe 9ff1 5d524f481439

Took a picture of tip-off at the right moment. Just two bros holding hands.

Preview 175af335 85a4 4dfc 8e07 f41efc989251
111 points

Just ordered a basket of judgemental fluffyness

Preview ce55f32a 529b 4539 bdde 53a23f1c176c
68 points

Apparently balls for heads is what's in right now

Preview 1e42f1b0 bce6 497d 8448 0921a2534b0e

I'll just jump in here whilst you're pooping

Preview 4b1cdb8c ff52 4480 b583 917f41bdcbc8

He's not allowed on the counter...or on the clean laundry

Preview a99332af 161a 4bce a5ad 28ab99c17249

The fruit guardian

Preview 60dc3c9a 8746 45fd a7c3 70ccee6537cb

Glitch in the matrix at Target

Preview b871a1bc 86ae 4713 90ec a5f75e3661af
130 points

Our Ferret and Kitten have become best buds <3

Preview 7ec7259e 7efc 419d b049 f74da847bb7f
81 points

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