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Bathroom, Brooklyn, NY

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51 points

LiL meOw tReAcheRouSly DesTroYs tOiLeT PapEr aFteR puNiShmEnT wEnT wAy tOo fAr

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To the weave tiled bathroom.. my bars bathroom..

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85 points

Beautiful Bathroom in Black & White look

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23 points

My wife left the cat in our bedroom. Someone was not happy about it

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You got dis

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58 points

That one time someone missed

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78 points

Always up for a challenge

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68 points

When there's a huge UI problem

Preview 70b75300 83bc 4fc5 84a3 b318ae50e7da

Too close?

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98 points

Stylish bathroom with spruce ceiling joists and a stainless steel Japanese soaking tub in this home in Sherborn, Massachusetts.

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97 points

When winter gets really cold

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77 points

Remember, front to back, I will know otherwise.

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73 points

Bathroom Goals

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60 points

When you hear something downstairs when you’re in the bath.

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72 points

For when you need to do math and take a number 2.

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79 points

This public bathroom

Preview 66f045fe 214c 476f ab02 6fe428e97b5e
104 points

I didn't know male restrooms can be so awkward

Preview b3f7425c 5bd4 4682 a2c0 3f8e02925f93
58 points

No sitting!

Preview 9f68c466 959d 4bd5 8ca8 d0856274b968
84 points

I want to know who thought the bucket was a good idea

Preview 003ade87 88fb 483f a393 446d02e14264
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