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Heated mirror section that won't fog during a hot shower

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23 points

Too tired to wear the robot arm, so the robot arm wears you

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15 points

'Jigsaw' aka 'Saw 8', Unleashes Gory First Trailer For Halloween


Life is testing me

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22 points

Modern White Kitchen, Bay Area, US

Preview 261d8d9c 0c89 4b59 a3d5 3bf61a98766e
15 points

Luxury bathroom

Preview 83f5f9d5 fd26 4ccd 8b9e 70f3aef25e82
13 points

I don't know who in my house spit popcorn seeds in my drain... But they sprouted.

Preview d6af46ae 2bec 438a abe9 0c697b654d01
17 points

When you want to take a shit but demon and satan calls you

Preview 9fdff019 8d17 448a 8304 41e5cf35109e
12 points

Art above the urinal in a nice hotel. Am I the only one with a dirty mind?

Preview 099d8339 a328 4562 a151 5a17363e2bc2
12 points

It took a year for my uncle to evict a tenant, this is how she left the bathroom.

Preview 8f104e71 f5cf 4434 a43f 3e3d676c19b6
18 points

That looks like a unicorn had massive diarrhea

Preview fe60fa31 22ee 49b3 b2ee 17ba9f2733ea
15 points

Bathroom Serenade


How not to use the toilet

Preview ae3bef2e 5bc0 4815 9da9 419eb2aeb0de
0 points

When Roger Roger is life

Preview 8747ae60 0d51 491d 8094 2b6aa1f6be73
3 points

Doing some construction work in an elementary school and this is one of their bathrooms.

Preview 0ea84fde 3181 4733 8b66 106382ae83c7
5 points

Find the toilet paper your sweet butt deserves

Preview 379422c3 727d 422a 9e38 6fcfce69aa97
2 points

Bathroom with a view of the surrounding woods in a prefabricated timber panel house assembled in two days, Budapest, Hungary

Preview c52b6fe9 2b2d 4f3c 88b2 e672deda2846
9 points

F**k, Steven! Can't you knock!

Preview fc318a06 c0cb 466a aef8 6a48e6664831
17 points

These beautifully connected tiles

Preview 0053948e 95b7 4012 98fb 3c75fc38eb84
16 points

home i built and designed Master Bath AMA

Preview 83d39497 cfde 470c 9bad 0e1deb3dabcf
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