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Just got a new shower curtian. I hope my kids like it

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97 points

This bathroom was built on top of a 15-story elevator shaft

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Challenge accepted.

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82 points

Choose your difficulty

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99 points

When you're an asshole towards kids

Preview 83ea02d0 32a6 4c31 a08a a8715bc1ee17
56 points

This guy has WAY too much time on his hand.

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87 points

Find the tortoise

Preview 3984fd29 b5a9 4246 9aba ae059f016756

Pit House / UID Architects, Japan, 2011

Preview 57651508 8655 4455 9a6d 4bffd0087faf
10 points

520 West 28th / Zaha Hadid Architects, United States, 2018

Preview 8b2e331c 1297 4749 9c79 3b47649fe14f
17 points

Minimalist Stockholm kitchen

Preview f93d321d 032a 453b bef3 39d1e74c1d2c
91 points

My friend got a roomba

Preview c255a1be 87ac 45da add8 ae35ceefa628
72 points

How to do a balloon drop with an inwards swinging door??

Preview 1345af0d 9399 40fc ad5a e89e53d12ae4
97 points

Bathroom, Brooklyn, NY

Preview 63b06e5b ec9b 44b9 8fea f1d643233312
56 points

LiL meOw tReAcheRouSly DesTroYs tOiLeT PapEr aFteR puNiShmEnT wEnT wAy tOo fAr

Preview 6d4b85ee 1391 4cdb 9fba 9b9915a150c9

To the weave tiled bathroom.. my bars bathroom..

Preview af76a234 4c15 475d b723 2eb80b73ef34
86 points

Beautiful Bathroom in Black & White look

Preview ccf781bb f64e 48a7 a3e9 fb276fc15218
62 points

Thank you unsung hero for paying it forward

Preview 102e93d4 51e0 4d32 8e2a 3482700ec81e
96 points

Manor house dining room - Lake Como Italy

Preview df25d7b1 5aa8 47a8 a4cd bcf0725171f6
75 points

Spacious bathroom in Atlanta home

Preview c1b51375 05ae 4880 8659 8d0dbd1473f2
60 points

My wife left the cat in our bedroom. Someone was not happy about it

Preview de1ada9d 8a10 4a8f 8e52 feb9ffbe1456

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