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For when you are in some real deep shit

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5 points

That's a strange place for a mirror.

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9 points

The shower at this hotel has a hole in the stationary glass to turn on the water without being in the shower

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12 points

I guess things are getting competitive at work

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8 points

I don't think I like Nutella anymore...

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11 points

A large shower and bathtub with mountain views in Aspen, CO.

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8 points

When u r just Fluffy, not Fat

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13 points

At least they're trying

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58 points

Girl Scared by Dinosaur! Hilarious


Neat headphones packaging

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14 points

Helping my friend clean her rental home- the tenants said the house was squeaky clean. This is in the master bathroom.

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13 points

But I am so thirsty

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6 points

This urinal next to sink

Preview 1b5a9288 62df 41bf 87c6 d977ea80030b
14 points

The bathroom of a restaurant i went to, when i walked in there, there was an older man beating his meat while staring at the blonde chick

Preview dc15da06 c1bb 4d35 ab01 e140e873b8aa
76 points

This makes me uncomfortable

Preview 25a8a89a b674 4cb7 8c9d 5cc8c6cbf114
14 points

Redesigned my tiny apartment bathroom. Quite pleased with the result.

Preview eac8419c 1271 440f 8647 a852c2d919c4
12 points

Guy gets new bathroom

Preview e070997f c3d8 4228 ae3d 75642627a84c
7 points

Our hand dryer at work.

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This faucet at the mall

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