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My buddy’s toenail.

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16 points

Thought we could trust my brother in the bath by himself for half an hour.

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17 points

No cat will look at you this way when taking a bath ^^

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14 points

Bathroom of 92nd floor penthouse in Park Avenue, NY

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20 points

How? Also, Why?

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19 points

Please welp

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17 points

I wouldn't be comfortable showering there!

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23 points

Me After a long day of Trolling on FB

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1 points

Life is testing me

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22 points

Modern White Kitchen, Bay Area, US

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15 points

Luxury bathroom

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14 points

When you want to take a shit but demon and satan calls you

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16 points

It took a year for my uncle to evict a tenant, this is how she left the bathroom.

Preview 8f104e71 f5cf 4434 a43f 3e3d676c19b6
24 points

That looks like a unicorn had massive diarrhea

Preview fe60fa31 22ee 49b3 b2ee 17ba9f2733ea
15 points

The bathrooms at my school have foot pedals so you can wash your hands without touching the sink

Preview a2bc232e 4f5a 4496 9706 87bb483004ec
112 points

When Roger Roger is life

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4 points

Dubai Is Building Beautiful Underwater Homes

Preview 6a6e3bf2 d26d 43cd a684 37aefdc82a3c
16 points

It is about to get real.

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3 points

Cate being cate

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19 points

This is the first time I see things like this

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