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Found a bug in my ear last night after cleaning with a water pik

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22 points

Cool, you usually pose in front of dead animals or...

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22 points

Defying Gravity

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These fish jumped at the perfect time.

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She didn’t love it when her new hermit crab friend decided to stretch his legs

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My trip to the edge of the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Once in a lifetime event.

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64 points

Sometimes nobody wins

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88 points

Isn't nature beautiful?

Preview b6519065 be0f 4cfe 827d 18334e620642
113 points

Dad and his son swimming .

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Um how many people can i see?

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124 points

Phone loss

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107 points

Zaya Nurai Island Bedroom View - Abu Dhabi

Preview f38faf32 1d10 4ec4 a594 a34289b3fa56
91 points

This happened to one of my campers while working at a summer camp

Preview f32620ef 0c50 4076 a5c3 d6744cf3d368

It's not Olaf's day

Preview 8493b717 e63e 4be7 a668 b1712a6fe36f

The oil refinery the next town over just fucking exploded.

Preview 49ab7251 9b07 4de9 9e6c 14d0a9d9b27e
75 points

Having a staring contest with these pelicans the whole boat tour

Preview 456cee94 2309 49bb a8f5 7e16dbc581d6

Harbored Peruvian house with an open and modern terrace and pool with views of the Pacific Ocean, Lima Peru

Preview 6ab0b474 fc86 4b0e 8a26 f591713ccaac
63 points

Someone ripped up the carpet? Nope, definitely wasn’t me.

Preview b93abded efc1 4ad2 86fe a0eaa5a25efd

This coconut by the sea.

Preview df3eb3f5 554b 498d a316 591567f32c21

“Hey Bert”

Preview 3effeda2 d390 4bef 96d8 39f9977edffd
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