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Just trying to build his kennel, but he wants to sit on everything.

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She stole my slipper and played with it for a few seconds, then came back and stole the second one.

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Will the guilty one please look up?

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What was supposed to be a cute photo of Luna and Mia meeting for the first time, turned into this.

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Women confuse me. My girlfriend sent me out for groceries, and like any rational person, I thought that meant go get hats for the dogs. Turns out she was hungry.

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90 points

Wonder if he can make it through

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Doggo knows..

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50 points

Drunk doggo

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111 points

This is a regular occurrence.....

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Perfect day to do many things, like sleeping for example.

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I needs to bark

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41 points

Judge them. judge them all

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46 points

You have been judged...

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69 points

Thought you’d never ask

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45 points

You thought those weren't the droids you were looking for, but actually they were. Bamboozled again!

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91 points

This stray cat give birth to each colour of her fur

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79 points

We need a pupper in our life.

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52 points

My good girle, when she was a pupper, annoyed at me constantly taking pictures of her

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54 points

Shut up Karen

Preview 9f06e8d3 7c2e 4195 b84b 57ee8a13d068
51 points

He did not pet me once, he is not a goodboy

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