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So much love and tenderness...

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Dog pulls out insides out of a teddy bear


I know depression is real issue but I've seen some retarded shit

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Extreme Introvert here

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Well......good to know

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I guess not every bear shits in the woods.

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In my mind that's the only way I could ever make a girl notice me

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Mean Slow


Hiking with Bears


When youre missing home...

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Boxing Kangaroo


Is not her personality, is not her body.

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-tags, -sound, -crashing, -log-outs, +girls, +nsfw

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I like logic though...

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1 picture, 1000 words... This breaks my heart

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It kinda feels good tho...

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Was really awkward to explain it to my dad and uncle

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The bear necessities

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I know a place that's peaceful and quiet


I loved 1st Pokemon generation and was afraid how it looks now

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