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Using Live Worms for a Prank

11 points

Looks familiar any guesses

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144 points

I am cat, hear me roar.

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Preview d5660451 37e0 41d1 aaa2 3b82728d20a5
133 points

I got stung in the eyelid by a wasp

Preview b2c8cc44 848c 4c19 b249 b8d48124c840
68 points

Reverend Eavens, a man with a hole in his chest, ca. 1895

Preview 6ba74637 f73a 407a b817 d6d42bda490f
132 points

Cat stache

Preview 1b14fc7c cd3d 4c8b 9c48 cb9fee7b84a0
130 points

And the perfect mic placement award goes to...

Preview 841a0808 c9fe 482a afbd 05cb0f27ae2a
125 points

Cloudy with a chance of Statham

Preview 04c337af ae9a 4ae1 9e10 a221e6f97fae
99 points

Get a cat they said. They're lovely animals they said..

Preview 642603aa dd8f 4ba2 a2e1 fd277fd26aad

Knees weak arms spaghetti

Preview af776c22 9821 4594 af45 0c94ebbda18d

What Chewbacca would look like as a shaved man.

Preview ff4957dd 1471 43a2 a96c 632c56e1e8a0
113 points

“The defendant stated that he shot himself because he didn’t want to go to jail...”

Preview a9675ba5 c425 4f9c a4ad 08c79b824a10
136 points

Old, but Gold.

Preview f7482c4d a659 47ac a72e ea5d2dd5e4ee
116 points

What is this, a cross over episode?

Preview 5f7ca60e 05d2 43a4 bf7c 428e0791fb7d
125 points

When something bad happens, but it could’ve gone a lot worse

Preview 2ec6c282 721a 492f a6c1 a2a9b6394464
93 points

This is genius!

Preview 18b8480e 31f4 4aea 8610 059a40e613fa
123 points

They can see what you think

Preview f76a3bf8 9c17 459b 8120 ca26136d7087
164 points

Posted on Mark Hamill's instagram

Preview bb947585 8844 40ef 8688 d24a5637b352
100 points

Took a pic of my girlfriend with my new DSLR, perfect timing.

Preview 92ba0464 e63b 4365 9b81 d7c70d8d4ff8
127 points

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