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My son bought me this shirt for my birthday, if it wasn't for him, I'd only get crap every year.

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80 points

Guess what's on the picture!

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86 points

Good comment

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93 points

Apparently Thanos is a Stoke City fan

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86 points

Dodged a bullet there

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92 points

This dog looks like William H. Macy

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91 points

Thoughts after telling a vegan joke to my girlfriend and her vegan friends

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Be sure of it !

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Next up will be half life 3

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The beating was not all that bad... Lost a bit of hair here and there but that about it.

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92 points

Dad played a video on his phone

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Europe unite!

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Hedwig is too young though, gimme your ID.

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It’s almost that time of year ladies! Don’t get caught sitting at the table without a man to go through all the questions with you!

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87 points

Date guys with beards

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66 points

Disaster movie

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61 points

Meaningful words

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64 points

Perspective through humor

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