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Here we go again!

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Dindu nuffin

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Starting to post one Rumi quote every day. #002

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Too cold

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ISIS Militant 'Dresses As Woman To Try And Flee Mosul', Fools No One

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Hat again

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Posting one Rumi quote every day. #002

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USSR astronaut Yuri Gagarin

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There is a Job for everyone...

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Can't wait for season 2 (Series: American Gods)

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February on the left, this morning on the right. 61 lbs down. 39 to go. Deadline is Halloween.

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Can't see ur problem comrade

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True.... very true

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He will be coming...

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Do you member shower memes?I member...

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A small difference can turn a man into superman

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Beard is love, beard is life

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We have all been there before

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Okay. That's enough internet for today.

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