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Hedwig is too young though, gimme your ID.

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It’s almost that time of year ladies! Don’t get caught sitting at the table without a man to go through all the questions with you!

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70 points

Date guys with beards

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22 points

Disaster movie

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24 points

Meaningful words

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Perspective through humor

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74 points

Smoothest. Snow. Ever.

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I have Wheat-Dependent Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis, this is what my Thursday nights look like

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Nice beard.

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Knower of nothing indeed

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Engrand is my city

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63 points

Whose turn is it?!

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62 points

And he is absolutely right..

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I would imagine that is the look he gave the person that said, yeah he's dead just leave him.

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19 points

Bob marley

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Sauron can't help ya

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