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USSR astronaut Yuri Gagarin

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7 points

There is a Job for everyone...

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9 points

Can't see ur problem comrade

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Do you member shower memes?I member...

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4 points

We have all been there before

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10 points

Okay. That's enough internet for today.

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Follows A Skier Traveling Through North Korea In This Visually Stunning Documentary

203 points

Or toothpaste

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150 points

Coincidence?I don't think so George...

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112 points

How I feel after shaving

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177 points

I hope you will!

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130 points

What is your secret Nelson?!

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169 points

There are just 2 types of men: Men with beards and men with beards

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477 points

And where dangerous word is unknown

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84 points

When Chuck Norris turned 18, his parents moved out.

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93 points

Right ??

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The man, the myth and the legend. Any of them Chuck's jokes?

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289 points

Absolutely Barbaric

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423 points

Roses are red, 911 takes calls,

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226 points

No excuses... m'kay?

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