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Blue Jay Residence in Hollywood Hills with sensational view of downtown LA and the ocean

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14 points

Penthouse Loft in Houston, Texas

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13 points

So what do you think about this bed?!

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55 points

My cat took my dog's bed from her. She doesn't know how to deal.

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Fountain view room.

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13 points

His Royal Corpulence

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20 points

He made himself a fort

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15 points

Good point

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22 points

When you turn the fan on!

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15 points

Cold, dark blue bedroom with touches of silver. Simple but relaxing scandanavian luxury in Karlshamn, Sweden.

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95 points

Cozy and colourful Finnish retro home

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15 points

My new room with textured wallpaper and olde style tap lights

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16 points

Kendall Jenner

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The kids were alarmed to have been caught in the lovingly-made box house they never bothered to touch before.

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61 points

This is how my kitten likes to sleep

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16 points

I stood up for less than 5 seconds...

Preview fcf3f2b0 d2bd 44a2 8514 3f3c315c2ee8

The AC kicked on while he was snoozing

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18 points

You've got to have a plan of action, then fully Kermit to it.

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18 points

I made the bed while she was sleeping.

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