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He froze when I said, "Hi."

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Relatable isn't it??

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9 points

Cute baby...

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Im just gonna post this here

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18 points

Why women can never understand what a man is thinking about while on idle mode.

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19 points

Simultaneous Yawns

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The tables have turned, usually the white one does jerk stuff.

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She's gonna catch 'em all

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16 points

My grandad kept his promise to meet his great granddaughter

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11 points

Toilet for a king

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11 points

My Son crashed his bike........

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Fooling around

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I said no pictures!

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A love story of ice and fire

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14 points

My daughter made it through her open great surgery and she's gonna be ok!

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19 points

Saved this little cutie yesterday, she couldn't get out of the street

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22 points

Large Dogs That Still Think They’re Puppies

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18 points

I sleep on the left side

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14 points

Modern functional bedroom in Uppsala, Sweden

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14 points

Best show ever

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