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Give me the blanket

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Dont wake me up

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Te Horo Bach / Parsonson Architects, New Zealand, 2017

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68 points

First living room design since I got sober: Cleveland, Ohio.

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64 points

Aesthetic Room In "Stone Age" Style With Movie Projector

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88 points

Tall and spacious hotel lounge centered around a fireplace with stunning views of the Italian Dolomites, South Tyrol, northern Italy

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56 points

Emil Garleanu / Ion Popusoi + Bogdan Preda, Romania, 2017

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55 points

Blue bedroom at 432 Park Avenue

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49 points

A beautiful minimalist living room in Tübingen, Germany

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67 points

French Style Bedroom Table in North Dublin Ireland.

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63 points

What do you think? Not an professional photographer Finland 1920x1820 2018

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82 points

Rare glance inside Jennifer Aniston's classic inspired master bedroom, Los Angeles CA

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78 points

Tunquen House / PAARQ Arquitectos, Chile, 2017

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60 points

When your cat runs your life but you like to keep things tidy.

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Hotel Revier / Carlos Martinez Architekten, Switzerland, 2017

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65 points

Mid Century Modern Living Room

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61 points

Mid-century family room in Venice, CA

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51 points

Bed Comfort Level

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71 points

I let my husband decorate the bathroom.

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89 points

Student or average JoeBlow/JaneDoe with a boring white living room? Well, look what just a few coordinated pillows, cheap posters and a bit of coloured plastic can do

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