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Dramatic bedroom features a free-standing tub and a walk-in shower behind the bed in this loft in Budapest.

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We gave my friend's living room a bit of colour.

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So much cute .

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The things you find at grandma's house...

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I love this pic, it gives me the chills

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Emma's a b*tch anyway.

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Close the door!!!

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Girlfriends dog cockblocks me every time we have sex

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Absolutely nothing professor?

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My fiancé just got back from her bachelorette party

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Tell me your best/worst stories..!!

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Small Swedish apartment with a lovely retro feel

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Purrrrfect c:

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People that take stuff from hotel rooms have gone way to far

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A Luxury Living Room Decor Style For New Couple, Los Angeles, California.

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I'am as confused as that guy

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What having a girlfriend is like

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When it rains all day ☔️

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Favorite pup looks like a devil dog mid-yawn

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Charlotte McKinney

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