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Im just gonna post this here

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Why women can never understand what a man is thinking about while on idle mode.

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Simultaneous Yawns

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Toilet for a king

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11 points

A love story of ice and fire

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Saved this little cutie yesterday, she couldn't get out of the street

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I sleep on the left side

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Modern functional bedroom in Uppsala, Sweden

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Cabin by the woods

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Bedroom is separated from living space by a metal-framed glass wall in this attic apartment located in Stockholm.

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Some philosophical shit...

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Realistic silicone babies are the stuff of nightmares

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99 points

Chloe is a b*tch

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Dramatic bedroom features a free-standing tub and a walk-in shower behind the bed in this loft in Budapest.

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We gave my friend's living room a bit of colour.

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So much cute .

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The things you find at grandma's house...

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I love this pic, it gives me the chills

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Emma's a b*tch anyway.

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Close the door!!!

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