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This is what you get when you ask for a hamburger in Italy.

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80 points

A tired cow

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68 points

Gummy Bear sausages

Preview 84bee35d 9f96 473a a063 d52c18c78011
23 points

Because German engineering

Preview 19210361 a6e5 45cd 8567 102d21edbcc6
72 points

'murica f**k yeah

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20 points

Happy cow and rainbow.

Preview cec72a23 0913 4b9e 9d5d 4463cf2418c1
9 points

I love babies, just don't think I could eat a whole one.

Preview 8ce13cee 5edc 4c69 baf5 bf4442ebfb49
14 points

My doctor told me to eat more fish

Preview a56f1a36 f87a 4109 80d5 1f1ad888af9b
65 points

*insert funny ham pun here*

Preview 1894235b 5355 49a9 b25c 2f45de82cd6f
21 points


Preview 34c2a6a7 a87d 47b5 9dd4 f29db1b880e9
97 points

Dinner was dropped while screaming "WTF!!!"

Preview 6ae09fd4 1d6a 402a a396 7ad4ce9bfdff
69 points

After being away on the east. this is heaven

Preview 04498f2b 6324 42be 9e8d aa42f8f13e16
23 points

Rarest pair of kicks I own

Preview 2897575b c1f2 4e5c bbe9 440a57e3acc1
24 points

Tell me!

Preview 53151a42 1483 442c 9061 080db897c800
8 points

My heart is melting

Preview 85e545ec 2c32 4bc7 8ee8 52ffebf5a311
19 points

Whomever did this deserves a raise!

Preview e146d1a4 a9db 43fb bead 6858be020bb0
13 points

One of my buddies is traveling in foreign lands and unknowingly ordered a potato with a side of potatoes.

Preview e61841c6 7b50 40da 801b 73dcc2997a99
22 points

Live long and ..?

Preview 95610bf2 1d31 4322 a7e7 e3ca8fb73c1b
16 points

Saw this glorious old beast today.

Preview ece6ba2c a86f 4728 b9bf 2756fe0d467e

My Daughter's Science Project she wanted to see if sight effected taste, want to try one!

Preview 2dac740f a213 4b65 8fd0 27820ba22433
12 points

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