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Dinner was dropped while screaming "WTF!!!"

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After being away on the east. this is heaven

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20 points

Rarest pair of kicks I own

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Tell me!

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My heart is melting

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Whomever did this deserves a raise!

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One of my buddies is traveling in foreign lands and unknowingly ordered a potato with a side of potatoes.

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Live long and ..?

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Saw this glorious old beast today.

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My Daughter's Science Project she wanted to see if sight effected taste, want to try one!

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How To Butcher An Entire Cow: Every Cut Of Meat Explained

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Every time I see vegan post, I make my self this! ))

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120 points

Best way to die you say?

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198 points

Kitchen Tip 101

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195 points

Not diassapointed.

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United Steak of America.

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A bacon-wrapped smoked alligator eating a smoked chicken WTF?

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