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Found my cat drunk af!

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Found under a beer can

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Craft beer

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Bought a box of cream soda. Got a can of root beer filled with orange soda.

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Food served on a polished shovel

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Never, ever, turn your back to a Llama.


DRUNK PRANK ON MY MOM **she hit me**


wrapping his car in gift paper!


A crab stealing a beer.


Happens to often

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"Asshole destroyer pepper blend" Would you try it?

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2 points

WTF is this shit?

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4 points

Total Rager

141 points

Rail Slide (X-Post r/instant_regret


My brother hands me this last night. Apparently it was my grandfather's. It's his stool sample.

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89 points

Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

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82 points

I feel uncomfortable

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Just in case u're doing a Harry Partty

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Hold my be-


Any more vacancy?

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