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After hours party at the local bed store

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261 points

Almost saw a vampire on my morning walk.

Preview 964ad1f0 b0eb 44e0 8643 04ed9db6af55
153 points

Forrest waiting for the bus

Preview 4176e393 10c0 4e86 8cec 99bb2a20b819
123 points

F*ck gravity!

Preview a740cf05 7c87 481a b731 fd200e817fd2

I saw a shirtless man cutting another guy's hair in the park today.

Preview cac07027 11f0 4efe 8c41 994edda712a4
130 points

At least he had a good sense of humour.

Preview 2cd71f2e c9c2 4854 9bf8 0b2180abba0e
117 points

What a great place for a picnic!

Preview 4283ea6d a271 4920 8ed7 f08af37625f9
92 points

Gently used for 6 years

Preview ed5f75e2 6953 468f 94ea 75a373ceacc6
55 points

Just having a drink

Preview 4799255b 0200 4c11 ae5d 7b0cac68596e
56 points

Saint-Hilaire church, Mortemart, France

Preview ed08d199 c7d4 4993 a224 76c32b664b63
66 points

Recently renovated interior of the Finnish parliament, with a sweet sugar cane ceiling. An example of Nordic Classicism

Preview 9631768a a0c0 46ea 8334 f12947c59537
69 points

Trees need your help

Preview 01fe7a09 e59b 4fef 9860 fbdff7a4a1f1
92 points

Totally worth it

Preview 3fecba1c ea28 476c 9e03 b79c853a0c54
66 points

Fall in the rails

Preview 9d0ca973 76aa 47de a43f 279fb09da4ac
73 points

This bench looks pretty unstable

Preview fb56c96f 9440 43e7 88dc ccf17da2d527
59 points

Don't do drugs kids.

Preview c9fbb96d 8aac 4654 b584 77e8b51347dd
136 points

For research purpose

Preview 5c092453 6f32 4d85 93dc 3e49af238b49
158 points

Never saw it coming...

Preview ae1f5d46 b828 44eb a327 e804d67ba58f

Ravnsbjerg Church, Aarhus, Denmark

Preview 43fe338b 5a05 443f b284 7d6463e55711
80 points

Just Like ftw, Who is nat and who is she to you.

Preview 9ee25e12 bab7 47ff 838c 6b2340514f7f

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