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The little motorcycle that could

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Good thing they had a photographer to snap their bike stunts

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Elon Musk having fun

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This guys daily commuter in Trinidad.

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There appears to be a glitch in the matrix...

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24 points

Ready for zombie appocalypse

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Cool guy

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The most magical place on earth

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Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

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Some wise advice.....

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This guys shirt this morning in traffic.

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Is this a thing now..?

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Sounds good, doesn't work.

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4-Year-Old Biker Is Destroying His Competition And Snatching Trophies Away From Competitors Years Older Than Him

131 points

A Classic - Extreme downhill trail Descenso del Condor in La Paz Bolivia


Well shit...

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24 points

I was drunk at the time, sorry fam

Preview fd5fed27 2dcd 4467 9c3e c41f81080464
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When one picture is enough to tell the story...

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Not super high up, but could you imagine trying to stop this thing at an intersection?


4 Revolutionary Riddles, Can You Solve Them?

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