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Justice served

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Honestly I'm too lazy to get a potato

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Damn <3

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Can relate

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An interesting bass drop


Good news

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They're cute when they're babies.

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When someone is so stupid, that you actually feel sorry for them.

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911? There's a cat stuck in a tree.

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Look at these dumb floofs playing with their tails

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Dog pulls out insides out of a teddy bear


U thot I was meme, but is doggo, bamboozled again

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I just watched the video to Big Men by the Foo Fighters and am disturbed by the sight of Dave Grohl without beard and with 2 ponytails

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Good sri lanka

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Big wave


Elephant Helps Me Wash My Face


The tiger from the first few Tomb Raider games..

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Guy thinks government official is calling him about him calling a weed dispensary. Guy cries


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