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Misfortune Cookies

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19 points

Old proverb

Preview 762f1f5c ae77 47e8 bc15 9e103509e278
88 points

The Icelandic Penis Museum

Preview fe1b3c69 793e 4254 8828 15e74f74308a
83 points

I am here

Preview c23ff1b3 8789 4016 8bf5 7842802eaf04

Magneto's purpose...

Preview 16367899 15f0 450d 912c dbbfeb6ff8a0
95 points

Guy paid with this while apologizing profusely.

Preview 76e64561 5976 4a81 b24b 9b2af3b6d1e4
82 points

The elite doesn't want you to taste the forbidden fruit!

Preview 715438bd 47ab 4fdc 8ea6 7d5af13f8d32
61 points

Guns & Sand Club

Preview dc536c07 4162 4752 bbc8 dccade634b8c
75 points

Reddit needs more Frasier

Preview 3f92b66e e23a 4c33 a3cb 4728ba9be262
68 points

Don't hate the player, hate the game

Preview 463f90c1 c656 4ac5 b4f0 6b47e03955ac
83 points

No remarks from the peanut gallery!

Preview 96c1c0fc 9e0d 4e0a bd05 039b2eb65227
14 points

Real life super mario

Preview 70d62f0a 3643 4c15 92fa f74e7837c49c
22 points

British public toilets...

Preview bf1bd23e 452f 4419 816a 4fdfd7920c73

Nothing works betterererrr

Preview ee868812 59d3 48d6 aac7 4487209453fc
49 points

Crazy forklift drivers.

Preview 32cc06fa 6612 4c7c 878a 2ddeb2cf12da
60 points

He will never know, the poor man

Preview 4598c429 95a7 46ec a099 a7f0c696cb75
58 points

Ich kann aber doch gut deutsch, a matter of accent I guess...

Preview 41eb2956 43b0 4092 89a0 bae2877db892

This guy doesnt like pulp

Preview 8e42a747 c584 4300 80c0 bc9e97f7aa01
58 points

In dark times, heroes arise!

Preview c7369d90 963b 460b abae 0c8cf52206ab
22 points

I turned 40 yesterday and I have a stomach ache.

Preview ff54ebc5 a5d5 42d6 8fbe 41d3130f8fbe
39 points

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