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My sister got to decide the CVS sign today

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And there's Dadme who makes horrible dad jokes.We don't talk about her.

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Art from grime on the back of a truck

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Well, I guess I'm going to Cleburne...

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Don’t you just hate it.

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-I'm gonna put a shitload of cannon in this music -Tchaïkovsky, no ! -tchaïkovsky yes !

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Ann. The hero we need.

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Fredrick edward

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17 Toys From Your Childhood That Seriously Confused The Shit Out Of You

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Japan gets paid by the mile not the hour

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He gusta

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Should've taken the long way around

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Definition of a badass

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Its true

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Some things you should know about humans in case you were planning on interacting with any

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Bo's advice for young people

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Well you aren't wrong

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Previously on walking dead.

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