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Isn't nature beautiful?

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114 points


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122 points

Street art?

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67 points

Neighbor rolls a phat J right on the sidewalk

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110 points

Yard sale

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97 points

"I brake suddenly for tailgaters"

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101 points

This claw crane in Ukraine.

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85 points

Best tip jar ever

Preview dc16459e e634 48fc 866a 5697e599bf91
100 points

Crews in Philly are greasing lampposts and other objects in case the Eagles win to prevent climbing.

Preview 645aa631 b9c4 4a79 bfd5 02e88eee1f5e
79 points

Sighted in Epsom, England.

Preview d58b0fa1 5d82 4fca bc8a 17d233d40d97
59 points

My neighbor:passive aggressive or just aggressive?

Preview e0dea8ea 56d8 4d2a a5d6 75ad568359a6
54 points

Challenge accepted!

Preview 9a60445d d52b 4875 a0f6 8f6ddf3b9917
80 points

I present you the king of the marketing!!!

Preview 33d3f626 f708 4c01 bb6f 6da81c95b9b8
105 points

Light pillars over Alaska

Preview 9a741a8f 1ccd 4807 a932 d687e1a0c377
68 points

Sign at the local vet

Preview 692c1c70 9a4e 4473 8ded 7c9fc1eee41f
102 points

Let me introduce you to my co-workers smoking spot at work.

Preview 6a7eddbf b03d 4bda 9d56 f3b3bca8ef41
62 points

Found this 'Sin Bin' next to a creepy flat with no windows. Any explainations?

Preview 060e2c68 83c0 4f9b 95b0 1d9b2a4d4958
77 points

My SO painted my dresser for me and I figured this is the best place to show it off

Preview d820f96d 320e 4e30 95f6 6cff8d10d096

So I saw this post... and then the top comment, so I just had to merge them into one.

Preview 5ca01add cb52 4ff7 8cf9 9e2cc6fc1199
127 points

Found a pile of rubbish surrounding bin. Went to check camera feed so I can nail the assholes responsible


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