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Chemically good.

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104 points

Joined by the eye

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53 points

Futuristic iPhone assumption.

Preview 354a9481 a25e 46a6 aba6 701aa1c0ef92
88 points

What do u think

Preview c165ef1c 338d 4ee0 93fb f758371a84a5
44 points

Fly fact

Preview 79ae401f 8c6d 4967 aeba f3a41de75fa5
74 points

Violin cake.

Preview a3b1d4b6 a31b 4c0c b396 d997d5c0725d
99 points

Why are we not funding this

Preview 2790f842 56b3 4b91 a82a a48b7f0c47ff
58 points

Cross section of a kiwi.

Preview 66d9d03c 1a95 4c77 acfd 21958a904452
82 points

batty jackpot

Preview 5533597a 1ef6 46e9 895a 78f806e7386f

The rate of change is astonishing!

Preview 468d947a a118 4f7b 9559 b27802f1cdfe
88 points

True shit

Preview 417d50d6 bb34 47b5 9975 0f41aa60d0e9
112 points

Everything changed when the Vegan Nation attacked.

Preview 7914f2e1 afe0 4ccc a881 5b0b9e2d926e
72 points

Turn that frown upside down

Preview 60876b4b 6ba5 416e 9c03 cfce0b16d9e1
53 points

Waited ages for this crab to come out of his shell. Not sure where else to post.

Preview bebd2aae b200 43de 8b1d a333bb0f2641
81 points

Alligator lizard fighting back from inside the belly of a King snake

Preview 48b7998b 22cc 4e00 80ef b801ba1ea384
67 points

Look at those ankles!!

Preview f53c5db7 b64e 4707 97f3 ffcbe7c5313b
64 points

Sea turtle with two heads

Preview f28e79b6 d167 4830 8b56 baa1d481f6af
47 points

I have Alzheimer and I'm seeing this post for first time.

Preview be5cd673 67bf 493c 9494 dd344ec7741f
56 points

Oh the Sweet Smell of...

Preview e78b529a 7cf0 407b 8261 754832b7af14
47 points

For those who suffer from trypophobia

Preview eab5e234 1ec2 45c1 b32e 50868e9e0c5b
50 points

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