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You are in the wrong neighborhood buddy

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Eclipse on a Bird's Wing

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This is the Gibber Italicus, a breed of canary.

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Bird Just About To Dive Into Water

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White-tailed Sea Eagle in flight being attacked by a Common Gull

Preview c9afbf4f 883f 40a1 b2d8 a552916eb4ab

A bald eagle flips upside down in mid air

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Something's not right..

Preview ebb2f4c8 fc17 4194 bae4 5566b2c00f08
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There's Always a Bigger Fish...

Preview f4daa022 192f 4737 90e2 dd413b0b6f73
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A dove flew by

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Crane, pole.

Preview 35452014 63eb 4e6a 99e9 f84deb44ef54

Captured this raven mid-flight down on the docks of Juneau, AK

Preview ab58eefd d708 41af 88d2 7d1a204396dd

What a bully! The dog doesn't know where to sit now.

Preview 3b4d0643 7503 4b90 9777 eedadf3968aa

Aberdeen, Scotland has such a jerk problem they had to release a pamphlet

Preview 13cf4943 d858 40db 9dc9 7875056b9351

I apologize for this really crappy photo

Preview 68a6326c 8935 4bf3 b045 ec460d732753

That's gonna leave a stain

Preview d9a09f18 e495 4f95 83ef 9f883ae40cec

No chances for fish

Preview 5a542cba 2332 4033 8fdf ea2a5de7f313

I honestly don't know what to say...enjoy :)

Preview 34f05d08 8872 4e73 bb80 60b8e7188faf
83 points

Made me laugh. Wanted to share with you.

Preview bc612801 2595 496d 8286 193b903c046e
80 points

This jerk got what was coming to him

Preview 3f057864 3f49 4513 976e ac356c5303a1

I did not like this ostrich. This ostrich did not like me.

Preview 0a39e1ce c194 41f4 a5cb 07c18b8857cf

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