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This is Sparta!

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107 points

My friend snapped this perfectly timed photo of a Kookaburra in Wye River, Vic

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108 points

Robin about to take flight

Preview 09d59d14 d2e9 4d08 826a fcbc4fadcb26

Just a bird catching a chip

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This Memorial Day, let's give the world a gift and wake up

Preview 39c217d6 8c82 4376 ade1 03b4da21a906
113 points

He wants to see your supervisor.

Preview 593ab117 b18f 479a 93e9 9642c2662148
109 points

When you forget to switch to your summer uniform

Preview e8608593 e07f 4bcc 89c2 87c36e220a7a
100 points

Mountain momma

Preview c9e0453f dfa8 4a42 824e 008ed9ef1f92
75 points

What the Fish !!

Preview 5990b5f7 eff1 4d4e 8c09 2009eb34fd13

Wait no don't fl....

Preview 12e5e7ec a754 490c b338 0a4cfd4d3cde

This field of abandoned rocking horses - found today while hiking in Lincoln, MA

Preview a83a81a7 8504 4279 9d13 cf4febd731f9
84 points

OWL ground you! I don’t give a hoot about your friends!

Preview 864f5d6d 787d 4d53 95a0 9fdb6b6da2ed
76 points

Give bred

Preview 4b4fe2ea df72 47c8 8112 853039426ee7
72 points

Bald Eagle snatches a fox holding a rabbit...

Preview fa542bf7 ca43 44fd 9f3c 69c0d236a394

Lift them up and they crap all over you.

Preview 2243ecad 762d 40bd a7c5 7a9f75b8c7fc

Bald eagle stealing a rabbit from a fox

Preview 7e5b8b50 6870 4094 bdbe 5663b3bc49d9

An oldie but a goodie

Preview 4c3dbbc0 616b 4a41 8d5a 2a56ac6beb1a
99 points

You are in the wrong neighborhood buddy

Preview 5baf2284 3225 472d bf2c 80e8b84e5958

Eclipse on a Bird's Wing

Preview d1f587a3 29d9 422a 8ca1 c300dc91f626

This is the Gibber Italicus, a breed of canary.

Preview 9c7d9883 525f 42fc a1bb b5437200f933
102 points

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