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Are you feeling lucky?

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14 points

I think I'll take the other door...

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Ready for takeoff

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I accidentally caught a drop of water bouncing up after a small splash by this reddish egret

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Well howdy pardner!

Preview 8d2a3c16 de45 49f9 b0f8 4a746550022d
72 points

A small duck becomes a burglar.

Preview 83cdba4c 7249 4ffd 8d5c 24b67a912597
65 points

Caught a heron mid-snack

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Preview 36cbe1d9 61a8 4d36 a1d5 6b8c8ca90a22

I mean, yeah this meme suck too because I'm bad, but I'm sure you people can do better!

Preview 191b13d5 5116 4cd9 b2a1 7e73f5d38dce
81 points

Shitty Bird Shot

Preview d119da3a 84f8 4d27 bcff e1392f74616f

God damn wifi!!!

Preview 3aebc819 08b8 4bf0 a0c6 cd2bd84d469b
73 points

What you looking at lol

Preview d453e3ca eef9 47af ba05 51a0544ff32f
67 points

Shitty bird

Preview 1235096f 424e 46a7 b248 25a055736460

Victorian era birth control was somewhat hit and miss.

Preview 4ce9f3a9 7e53 4ee7 9ab5 b05bd64f5533
53 points

Found this in my yard today.

Preview da11f0f5 f9a9 43c7 b1e3 34efaaa5fafa
41 points

I tried to text "for f..k sakes" and it auto corrected to "four duck snakes" so I googled that...wasn't disappointed

Preview d48bae05 0ea7 4ef5 a32b 854e6d23ba13
20 points

This eagle

Preview 039bedfd b65e 4b0a a21d 4f2b3f322ed0

What do you call an over-excited bird watcher? A hornithologist

Preview 6bdd3357 9a0b 4942 ab91 1554373540bd
19 points

I know why the caged bird sings

Preview 6bc34e40 e2c7 438f 98ca f545807461d1
18 points

An eagle and 2 aircrafts

Preview 6ddf882b d080 492b 96e0 919bfca88509

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