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Quite possibly the best picture I've ever taken. An eagle up close who just finished his meal.

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17 points

Fake toons

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14 points

Jurassic Heck

Preview 882e14f3 96bf 4912 9e91 eea34e2ce9aa
11 points

Hello darkness

Preview 893cb173 5a38 484e afc4 7ccc441da306
11 points

The main question

Preview 0a3abd30 eb81 4f95 a49e 12dc61bedc31
10 points

Mutant bird with six legs and feet

Preview 34404c5b f25d 4c3a b574 209c1507427e
16 points

An owl landed in the smoking area in the bar I was in and wanted to join in on the fun!

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11 points

Mandarin duck

Preview 7621b888 fb9c 4ae4 a3ff 987d4d5ca7ce
12 points

A black man in snow feeding white swan in black water

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12 points

Gtfo Karen, I don't have time for your itty bitty sunshine love

Preview 2137826c b622 4a95 8a9a 33dd64ba09a3
11 points

Pootoo Bird

Preview 591eafaa a0ab 4a29 8345 c7d4c8c620e3
12 points

Dive bomb triple kill

Preview 5576611e 5517 49a6 859a 6aff46ead823
18 points

I like philosophy tho

Preview 1fa8724f 59c6 4643 9ce6 84749b134f9b
13 points

Sources of evil

Preview 04f61934 97fd 4348 ad08 ec5e60e4fa8b
14 points

It's something

Preview 9cf5576a f520 42bd ace0 1557760d5822
8 points


Preview 888e05f3 bbdc 4a5d 951f e728dd8b6a35
16 points

When he wants sum fuk but she said no.

Preview 182aca6d e6c7 45d7 b486 2f857066fa54
11 points

It Happened to me in the afternoon, I felt awkward for 3 hours

Preview dfa4df93 95b3 419f ac65 03ceddda64b1
9 points

Bad birb.

Preview 759eef79 6f45 4d6d 85d1 e7d5718ab8fc
18 points

Osprey a moment away from lunch

Preview 27e4c627 fae8 4dd1 9b4b e3deed34a8e0

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