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In 'Plane' Sight

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May Keanu bless you with wisdom

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91 points

Blockbuster Aren't Football Fans

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96 points


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96 points

Sharing is caring.

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92 points

Horse make me happy, People... well that's why I have Horses

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Once in a lifetime shot !

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22 points

The love of your life wil appear in front of you unexpectedly

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72 points

I'm waiting

Preview b8a4af05 1c0c 47b4 af0a 6bf116eb2f81
94 points

I captured the stages of my dog's reaction when she slowly realized that I didn't have any treats.

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72 points

Flare-up Steak.

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Sign outside a bar near me

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96 points

This cat is right on the money

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78 points

“I need a god damn pizza”

Preview d12a8939 fda9 46e9 827f bb59ad35e8d9
80 points

Who me? Chew your shoe? Never!!

Preview de295797 6c21 4012 b039 366095eb508d

Definitely 100

Preview fd1c48df 3dd8 458e b53a 89ba68e90422
92 points

Netflix Is Making Stranger Things Versions Of Classic ’80s Movie Posters, And They’re Amazing

Preview 66f35d4a dfdd 4e72 8c8a 5bb3d88e4fc6
104 points

This is my time

Preview 77778744 1f07 4432 bd78 71326a9f9a51
19 points

Yeah, let's just reschedule the eclipse.

Preview 56b4a4cc 9474 420f a229 f55f3873dbe7
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