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How weak is ur self control?😅

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147 points

When cheese and crackers gets dangerous

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120 points


Preview 327addc5 1d94 4d75 89d0 521704a0e98d
97 points

Or just sit down maybe

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133 points

Don’t know if this counts but I took a picture of my friends right before one punched the other in the balls. I used one of those stretch filters btw. His arm isn’t that long.

Preview fb815ee9 5500 4f50 8690 131c2a7289ad
168 points

Guess tacos are off the menu tonight

Preview 1b0246cd e202 43ad b9d4 8b683a561b18

Played with my vape between shoots today and the photographer snapped it just as the smoke turned in to a heart// IG @kenstarfighter

Preview addf9556 9d06 4016 a7f0 285721bb691d
119 points

Blowing raspberries

Preview db6ba411 419a 4db0 9bbd ca8c4f94be7e

Is this the best face swap or what?

Preview 3be13032 9496 4225 8b20 91f0bcd9e067
101 points

The lineup on the hand and the K at the bottom left

Preview f19e1255 620b 4808 9335 43543cbf534c

Ton's o' Titties Gettin' Stormy

Preview c48df2e7 c3e2 4522 87ee 0a5bc8927cb6
184 points

I found a new bookstore today

Preview bd06f501 b532 4087 9715 e7814f9da0d9
65 points

This amazon review

Preview 9ffe8abe 621e 4fcf bb8a d7639c307008
118 points

Knees weak arms spaghetti

Preview af776c22 9821 4594 af45 0c94ebbda18d

No mor homeworkz hooman. Petz naow.

Preview aac56047 e4aa 4a18 89b7 ae403b5b3d2f

Another star about to be named in #metoo scandal!

Preview 9ef508c4 6c59 43ed 8273 7bf469356c90
89 points

Collection of April Fools Day pranks !

Preview 03b77ac9 21e3 4786 9bf3 7ed45d6c247f
95 points

Hate political, but found this hilarious!

Preview f5b58989 8dbc 49fe ab6f eaec0cdba4b2
106 points

Rare picture of a zebra taking off

Preview 14befba1 0801 4c51 a36b 332df20a566d
102 points

Best prank ever!

Preview afdd657d c579 47fd ba05 ea3f80b6f8ea
104 points

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