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This amazon review

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76 points

Knees weak arms spaghetti

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No mor homeworkz hooman. Petz naow.

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Another star about to be named in #metoo scandal!

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64 points

Collection of April Fools Day pranks !

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64 points

Hate political, but found this hilarious!

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Rare picture of a zebra taking off

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84 points

Best prank ever!

Preview afdd657d c579 47fd ba05 ea3f80b6f8ea
64 points

😂 I love the internet

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76 points

Men in Black


Equal opportunity peeing

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The Real Downside Of Automation

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87 points

Posted on Mark Hamill's instagram

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75 points

Exodia Caffeinate!

Preview 48526e54 6a18 4c2c ad5e 397449b644df
76 points

What The Fork?!

Preview eba1a80e c07a 420d 97fd d37efd742d55
49 points

Who Wore It Better?

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68 points

slapping my buddy with a slice of pizza at mach speeds yields the best face possible

Preview a3bf28d1 12d5 4838 b68c 7703b7ae494c

History Lesson

Preview a66ed311 3310 4ef8 851c ba2e46dc6508
61 points

The difference between 31 and 21...

Preview 97b101ee d09a 4987 86dc 796f111e7f5d
136 points

In 'Plane' Sight

Preview 456f9843 df6b 43f4 8568 9047418b5422

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