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X-ray of a contortionist

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85 points

This guy standing in an unfortunate position

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The difference 20 years makes

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94 points


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89 points

Definition of a nurse

Preview cef79495 6afb 49e9 b7f9 e228d58563db
89 points

This is so metal...

Preview 9cae34f4 7708 4ae8 aa38 ad0daa9ae434
88 points

Restroom Signage

Preview 5c759836 ea6a 4b2c 95ae a02f760c56d7
99 points

That guy couldn’t pull out of a driveway

Preview fc6ecf0f 4d0a 42cf a9f6 49402da92bb3
87 points

Bedroom features a step-up area for a sink and tub in a home converted from a shoe factory in Melbourne, Australia.

Preview bcc073de 0e3e 405d a228 3d34b86a35cd
59 points

I had to double take

Preview 85dfe3e4 ab86 466d b29c d1fa23edf0d3
90 points

Selfie - Sony a7ii/50mm

Preview 4dbf6fca 5ea2 4af1 94ac c0135c35e0b8

A sign in the men’s washroom at a strip club for lady dancers.

Preview 77d77495 4066 4398 aa14 bbc1489a6252
90 points

No Ass/Face Sandwiches With Your Boys On The Tokyo Metro

Preview f875ca0a ee6d 4aaa 9487 39afb9dc05e5
54 points

Forget not, you must.

Preview a1bdf1ec 56f1 41c8 a575 ca705c6ce63a
50 points

Come here Jenny

Preview 7639e83e b390 4446 84f9 8d6cd6ab19df
60 points

Everybody’s gonna die

Preview 726aa6c2 5e97 4319 a229 6a7886bda0cd
56 points

Invitingly :)

Preview 12b9e600 3c27 46cf 97ee fe41f95bc9b0
90 points

Well at least they're honest...

Preview 1bf3b034 761d 44a0 91ce eae8e82b00a8
81 points

For the glory of Satan of course!

Preview 96f8f107 844b 4bbc 8204 4d69791780e0
77 points

I finally found out why everybody is getting engaged all of a sudden...

Preview d48f01c8 a573 42f1 af5a 1607590ca383
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