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Found this today

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20 points

0118 999 881 999 119 725…3!

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20 points

When Black Friday shopping and Battlefront II is still on the shelves.

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66 points

Yo tho

Preview c3a53bd1 3c03 4564 9c7c 8785e0456a42
20 points

Who would have thought it could come to this?

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21 points

Double standard

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21 points

Sign at the register of a local restaurant

Preview f131aa5a 4c48 4d02 b21c c9a9cb14a29a
60 points

Found in the Seoul Airport and I purchased a vial for $14

Preview 670a960a 7022 4613 a066 040c0de206d9
55 points

One of my coworkers is getting his citizenship today, so we left him a surprise for when he gets back.

Preview 3bf2be12 2e96 47a7 99a9 4e14dcbfeb1b
58 points

I don't know what to say

Preview a9575245 3e5f 4cb3 858e 6c588fd81d72
63 points

At Moxy Hotel in Frankfurt

Preview dd61c589 bc1e 49c8 af4f 1eaf9ed9cdf8
71 points


Preview 21e44752 9871 4fe7 b25d 54106a0f330f
46 points

Fun fact.

Preview 2369de7d c727 4231 bb1b 9e365d659c87
88 points

Grand opening

Preview 2c3f5a3f 0c05 4646 aaa7 c0bdbac953b7
41 points

Dear Algebra

Preview bd38ac0f 8ad8 4ba2 aaa2 ba0dbbba3233
77 points

The sad truth

Preview 58101273 53d1 4aad b007 43d38f94bb32
66 points

I will find you and I will give you homework

Preview 97decf0a 42fe 406c b789 b3cc2b6373eb
107 points

My new IPad case Vs my 2 cats : Guess who won?

Preview 8ab21d8a ab3f 4bb7 a990 4020d8bcf5c0

Found this at Goodwill

Preview 42f28e9a 3e4c 4e21 aac8 dc8602f20994
15 points

Grey Jedi Code

Preview 253066db 0a67 4a3c a4b9 3b689e12c85c
56 points

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