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This line up is so sick

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147 points

Abstract painting

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144 points


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160 points

I can't read this chalkboard without singing it in my head

Preview 559e3dda 0882 46a9 b6e7 fef4b840adae
175 points

As Long as the Waiters Keep their Pants On

Preview 34915692 776a 4118 b3af 7cbdb9ca3332
113 points


Preview fe1fc7b1 1414 40d6 ba6d f2a2397648c0
108 points

I was at a concert and the vibration from me jumping happened exactly when the shutter went off, resulting in this

Preview 0137c8ce e774 41d1 80c3 19c9a6504d0a

It will take you to a whole new world.

Preview b32aca06 266d 4c0b a75b 9d0761fc53b9
95 points

“Nice butt.”

Preview 40b29c7d 92df 4304 b076 036e7591fc04
128 points

Self Bromance

Preview 3bbbc516 51fd 4f5c b38f b167526d0eb6
109 points

Walking on through my park, learning about the local Flora

Preview 09fb3e02 f732 419f 84a0 302d612381ee
120 points

Kansas City really lets tourists have a good time

Preview 44384301 4074 4168 9fcb 7597d2b77eff
109 points

Know your timelines

Preview c5c31dc4 610d 4fa5 93c4 dc1041d6fec5
116 points

Truth in Advertising

Preview 01cafbbe 15a5 499e b6ec 9f4bfebd6a90
103 points

Thanks, sign!

Preview bb701fe3 a205 4eac aa41 c6709ea7c48e
99 points

Soup of the day

Preview 6502389d d7af 451b a81e b42bbbd813e1
132 points

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Preview 583da8d3 2184 45a5 be82 97fb8b48290f
104 points

I found a new bookstore today

Preview bd06f501 b532 4087 9715 e7814f9da0d9
70 points

No Hipsters Need Apply

Preview f0bdf866 56eb 4b3b af04 f0bfe1b01717
101 points

Well then

Preview c8c66f0f bee7 4db5 a6fd 8c8ecc68f6e5
92 points

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