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A glitch in the matrix

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Pure class

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70 points

This guy's wheels

Preview b7de9443 a2b2 4829 8e9c 2bf7510bb6ea
61 points

This is just god damn beautiful

Preview 115b1544 2b61 4590 8277 8dbef11521e2
58 points

This guy wins the douchebag award

Preview a59ad9c0 ae1e 4ba9 9ae6 41fed7164a64
121 points

Grab the cooler? Nonsense, well just take the whole fridge.

Preview 21addd14 60e1 4e3b 8ee8 6a5081308d9f
67 points

Dentist's new car .

Preview d11c2f32 8b0b 4f36 b4fc 5007f359281a
76 points

This car and this color!!!

Preview babbb3da 4401 46d5 ae57 f9042c97da18
79 points

Someone drove this car into a parking lot more than 500 feet on a rotor and left her right where she landed.

Preview dd4bdd8f 326d 4cef 8cc6 e49aa99c51c9
61 points

This 1969 Ford Mustang. Oh sweet lord.

Preview 99840111 d5a3 4d60 a660 b2ba3530c43e
61 points

A fellow student probably pulled an all nighter studying for today's morning Final exam.

Preview 0c9f1d66 53b4 41ea bd6a 44ca13887748
55 points

Corvette C2 anyone ?

Preview 97646e6c e190 4c39 9042 a7d875fcbeb0
70 points

The lady of Bavaria

Preview ee8302b3 29b6 4a70 a6cb 475d06338670
58 points

Military Green Mustang 🐊

Preview 9359d9c8 5ec8 4e43 9915 f73fcdf21c19
50 points

You're good bro, floor it

Preview 8e608c32 d22e 4fbd b6d2 93e11d29a9cd
84 points

Subaru WRX STI Blobeye

Preview 02a3a603 ca8e 4e59 8a11 d26b1b5e32f6
21 points

I hope they don't mean what I think they mean

Preview 0bc13610 3ac0 483e 9498 bd6fb76adf0b
126 points

How do you even manage to do this?

Preview 05bd76c6 49b0 4dcd 88a5 ad44c61af1fe
60 points

Took a pic with my iPhone... I was blown by the quality

Preview e06f03e2 7ec1 4eb9 a2f5 ad5d6c334c29
42 points

My local police department posted this to their Facebook

Preview 58b6c676 f296 44a8 bf25 81b2dfed3a05
78 points

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