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Joan Rivers dedicates her book to someone special

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94 points

Well then

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76 points

Yeh, i know. Thanks for that.

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99 points

I love my former high school.

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79 points

My phone knows me all too well.

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63 points

That Sweet Leaf 👌😬

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66 points

Engineers v Physicists

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79 points

Oh no

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76 points

When you manage to procrastinate all day

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75 points

Grace the future

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97 points

It all makes sense now!

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95 points

Love this

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10/10 answer

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77 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

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94 points

The honest hotel towel sign that I'd like to see

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85 points

This is why I love this game.

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119 points

Found the Reddit section in my bookstore.

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81 points

Return from the Stars, by Stanislaw Lem, published 1961.

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68 points

When cards against humanity get a bit too real.

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108 points

From a sell-and-swap Facebook group.

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96 points

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