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10/10 answer

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20 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

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70 points

The honest hotel towel sign that I'd like to see

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82 points

This is why I love this game.

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102 points

Found the Reddit section in my bookstore.

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66 points

Return from the Stars, by Stanislaw Lem, published 1961.

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61 points

When cards against humanity get a bit too real.

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100 points

From a sell-and-swap Facebook group.

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84 points

Which makes coffee basically Miracle-Gro®

Preview 4797bd26 57d0 419b 9ce3 2ab8eefbf9d9
103 points

iSmart's logo really thew me for a second.

Preview 0e7a50cf 879a 4aa5 b97a f93cdcc7a8c1
83 points

Parenting done right

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78 points

That time of year again

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107 points

It all makes sense now!

Preview e42cac83 9d4c 4d71 a2e8 5ca7c7e235dc
93 points

Benedict cameonherback

Preview 5153c702 d416 4628 8a15 9e29051e3f7e
67 points

Woops,I guess they all know now

Preview fe57f6c7 7a0e 4131 85d6 813f8f7c61df
110 points

That's a risk, alright.

Preview e0bc98f9 f4da 45a3 900f 0b1ea372b455
89 points

When you're home for Christmas and it's time for your parents' annual computer maintenance

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91 points

Things people said today

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82 points

Passive aggressive work fridge theft at its best.

Preview e4ef4f34 009c 45d6 9fb1 1114511fcc04
49 points

When you accidentally go to work on sunday

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66 points

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