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He made himself a fort

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This is how my kitten likes to sleep

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My Best friend went to sleep 4ever yesterday, I miss her so much

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Thanks for laying down on the stuff I just folded

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He froze when I said, "Hi."

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They play together, they sleep together. Werter always looks after her.

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Dem eyes tho

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My daughter made it through her open great surgery and she's gonna be ok!

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Gordon Ramsey, Jr.

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Realistic silicone babies are the stuff of nightmares

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The things you find at grandma's house...

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Close the door!!!

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My fiancé just got back from her bachelorette party

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She saw the glare from my phone

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Cute kittens

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Four years later, the tables have slightly turned.

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It's all about how you raise them, just like every other dog. and kid.

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funny cute baby sloth sleeping

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I blew them a kiss.

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