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Whizzer has had quite enough of Marvin’s shit.

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This is what happens when you leave your BF alone for 5 mins...

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Abnormal human sweater I came across when I worked for a family earlier this week.

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I discovered I can write messages in my girlfriends new blanket.

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94 points

Bird flew into window

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49 points

American Mix Skittles.

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Our newest granddaughter was born 2 hours ago. Clearly she will be a handful.

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Man's best friend

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78 points

Much startle!

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24 points

This is how my cat sleeps

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This is how my 2.5 year old niece insists on holding her new baby brother

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86 points

I think my boner have autism

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Let your mom know she forgot her thong last night

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153 points

Belting out opera. He was born a star.

Preview 76f29f9b cec9 4dfb 9bbc 3c41def6daf5

He made himself a fort

Preview 463724db 5c28 4134 8dde 0d9602c687d2
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This is how my kitten likes to sleep

Preview 6f7637a7 3bf5 4098 a225 c949631ef967
47 points

My Best friend went to sleep 4ever yesterday, I miss her so much

Preview 4e7b6414 492a 445a b602 4a9a00ddb9c6
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Thanks for laying down on the stuff I just folded

Preview 868b893f 94f1 473c af14 ded06412a543

He froze when I said, "Hi."

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