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One last trick up his sleeve...

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110 points

Santa clause for all ages

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71 points

I saw this chick on Judge Judy who didn't know she was Garth from Wayne's World.

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112 points

Glenn Close is starting to look like Mrs. Doubtfire

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109 points

Hands down the best catch on Tinder

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129 points

Disaster incoming

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121 points


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93 points

Look who I saw the other day

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95 points

Honey Boo Boo and Mama June look like an SNL parody of themselves five years ago

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71 points

Cannoli is inspecting Leslie knope's dental work

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1,474 points

I must resist

Preview 53b720e6 e578 4961 ba4c 58b138a16587
102 points

Never worry about losing your hair ties again!

Preview 9af1e59d dc48 4e26 a891 69078d359f49
95 points

Extreme Home Makeover

Preview d1a2965d 75a3 4cf7 8de0 5bdfa55c059a
94 points

Perfect timing

Preview e6f55d5e 2a47 4fa9 b9d2 d973dae89364

As soon as I saw Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow I thought of Katya

Preview 5d457e74 116c 4dbc 9d02 837278498cae
145 points

Playtime with Grandma

Preview ac572120 8e6d 4a85 8a37 7024e31019d5
86 points

Ron was always a mistake!

Preview 87fdb1f9 ff9d 44b7 aedb 3e2525affdf5
79 points

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