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Heart tattoos are awesome!

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How's it

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Leatherback sea turtle mouth

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12 points

Happens to much.

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13 points

Did u like it

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10 points

Distribution of slang terms used instead of "friend"

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Street Magician


I'm sure its just a fluke

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This is what's under the plaque in plaque psoriasis. Had this particular wound for five years now.

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Friend took a tiny tumble while on blood thinners....this is day two.

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4 points

My girlfriend wears too much makeup

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176 points

Facial Tattoo and Scarification

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The effects of the flesh eating drug dubbed 'Krokodil'

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4 points

Good morning, can I borrow a tissue?

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Don't eat foods with flies on it.

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10 points

Global terms of endearment

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4 points

Learn the difference...

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Airbag deployed. Branded for life.

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Facial gone wrong after using an expired cream.

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Never don't give up

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