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There’s something wrong with my dad’s elbow.

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13 points

Everything is a ok

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20 points

Sat on a dagger moth caterpillar while driving. Didnt realize what was going on for 10 minutes

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23 points

Look at those ankles!!

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Country life-our neighbor hit a horse with his car...sorry for crappy quality, was at night and with Snapchat.

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85 points

I brew beer for a living, and today 212 degree boiling wort got into my boot and did this. Ouch.

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108 points

Rarest pair of kicks I own

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21 points

Guy Gets Punched And Knocked Out First Punch


Friend goes Spearfishing in Key West. 8ft shark goes human nibbling


Random meat

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5 points

Prank On 7 Year Old Brother


My friend after his fistula surgery

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20 points

11 foot great white shark that washed up on a Santa Cruz beach today.

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166 points


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11 points

Natural tattoos done by thunder

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88 points

A Human Is Hitted By The Bull.

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The deadliest animal in the world


A string was under my skin when I got stitches and is now coming out of my skin

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5 points

Heart tattoos are awesome!

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18 points

We all know someone

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