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He must be getting pretty sick of it by now..

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87 points

Train station in Denmark..

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66 points

Holding hands with a girl

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Amazing Timing

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Mom walked in on my cat opening her present...

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71 points

You're the bane of existence for one holiday and that's enough! Get back to October and stay there!

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Was leaving Jumanji and saw this on the road

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The Ledge, Willis Tower in Chicago, glass extension 1,353 feet up!

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Caught in the act.

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Morning commute to work in la

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Parking spots in Craiova, Romania...

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57 points

In South Korea some streets clean themselves through a hydraulic system

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122 points

Someone tried to use a truck like a skateboard and rail slide the median on the highway.

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47 points

Today I joined as a fierfighter, Romania, Timisoara, wish me luck guys

Preview 94d75ec3 0264 40a4 931f 5db493e2e72b

The look of pure regret as he jumped on to a responding police cruiser in my city.

Preview 547c0574 1475 4719 97fe 2d15deb3aa5e
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Fireworks + wind + long exposure + traffic = Lots of lights!

Preview 3395890e 1bef 42ee a406 dd75e67f6d6f

Look at my model legs 😎

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286 points

Never a dull moment at work.

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