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Just added some effects on it

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7 points

I found some low-resolution shadows IRL

Preview a77959a1 9571 467e abfc 91f2e5531e07
6 points

Fog makes things woah

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12 points

Night in Split, Croatia...

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19 points

Split, Croatia last night.

Preview 5d6ea269 f139 4080 8069 690f9afc94ba
7 points

I can't be the only one.

Preview 0b32be2d 4753 47eb 95a8 d8dacef8f914
1 points

Someone listened to my mixtape today.

Preview ad4a0c7b 8371 428b 90e9 b66d17980278
1 points

Crying in the middle of the street? This safe space shit is getting ridiculous

Preview 7653ee90 41df 4290 8664 a72f646960bc
1 points

Instructions unclear: F**ked a hamster

Preview f0eeb14f fda9 4eed 874d 9761a60c39a7
3 points

Detroit gets it.

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5 points

Love the quiet

Preview 7457d8a2 9a1d 49f5 8ae0 d61ca3eb2403
6 points

Saw this in Amsterdam airport...trolley wheels...f# that

Preview 831ef0f8 9afc 4388 8bea 83430d8a3656
5 points

When you're about to have a REALLY shitty day.

Preview 8270f43c 9e63 4bd6 8531 4a49c9ba8d45
3 points

Siri tells jokes!!

Preview 136c7a31 8a0c 495c 9ac3 87f9c2bbbb29
103 points

Train station in Denmark

Preview 7a4a73fa e649 42ef a906 65f1dcc83ecb
104 points
Preview 33ed341b 2a17 42f2 9b75 4d7c918b79fe
91 points


Preview 6348d309 d2c3 439c a5c4 2ef6e000fd1e
148 points

Moments before being evicted

Preview 98469082 5353 48d6 b45f 63941f843344
133 points

The dutch government introduced these lights for people who use their phone in traffic...

Preview 0827ad79 e295 4b18 8fbe 49352aa4b5ad
208 points

A glitch in the matrix

Preview 481d758f f735 4995 ba57 cf56cd73587f
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