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Call the cops!!!

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15 points

Luck of the Irish

Preview b093385a 7ca4 4715 a8f7 55bb64915c17

I brought a glass ball to the forest.

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9 points

DOT warning this morning.

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15 points

Siri got some sass

Preview dc1361fa 0070 4e9a 8375 02bc9794e9ef
10 points

Holland Tulip Fields

Preview c582ff1f 28fa 49d7 b409 4b27dd71d1cf
7 points

Nailed it

Preview 70331443 328a 4d8d 96a1 7aef422563b7
1 points

Wildfire last night in/near Split, Croatia

Preview b084efbd 7c83 4dae bb40 502f552e42aa
23 points

I was getting ready to take a shower

Preview dd28db35 fcc4 49dd 8d62 7635c31bb078
22 points

Leia got some new hardware today

Preview b7d277ea 4f06 4544 9d74 f74e356c3d08
92 points

DOT warning this morning.

Preview 1178bae2 ff53 4e60 83ad 49bb745258d0
17 points

Poland introduced glowing blue bike-lanes in some places. it works with solar power. Finally some good news from my country.

Preview da05ef21 ccb5 487c a2de fc270bd0428a

The end is nigh...

Preview 0078a179 4741 4fd8 ba2a 693e53943e27
6 points

Broken window solution

Preview ba40e780 886a 41bf be7b 66158ba226e3
5 points

Simply awesome

Preview 5dff08c3 333b 4f5b 8e97 9fa32f7e2db7
5 points

A drop of color

Preview 36d565d4 d85c 4b4f b666 bef43fdbf0ab
7 points

Oh boy here comes my solo

Preview a7b1c44d cbf8 4eb9 9f6e 2579877762e6
6 points

Just added some effects on it

Preview b0e5b9a2 82dd 4f9c 8971 cef01cc7c14e
9 points

I found some low-resolution shadows IRL

Preview a77959a1 9571 467e abfc 91f2e5531e07
9 points

Fog makes things woah

Preview 495400f7 9a96 4fa0 b847 5d3383d4063e
17 points

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