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The anti-piracy team that created the holograms for the Windows Vista DVDs put their photo on every single disc.

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76 points

I was trying to take a photo with you.

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This is how a normal day look like for me, Romania, fierfighter.

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Never a dull moment at work.

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67 points

Things are about to get interesting.

Preview a29105ce 2c23 4bce 9de9 b42080c60af2
142 points

This guy's wheels

Preview b7de9443 a2b2 4829 8e9c 2bf7510bb6ea
64 points

Glad I checked before putting it in.

Preview 63df21b7 7bf8 4a93 8aa0 a1b001c3adaa
56 points

Train station in Denmark

Preview e367c7dc 02ef 42b3 8ca9 bc887afa29a1
81 points

Taking a dive

Preview 7eb09248 a917 473d a102 7fbbc56aafa5

He's coming for ya

Preview c88c73c8 a87d 4ca5 b2b8 4feed3522dc0
62 points

Ant Moving Water Droplet

Preview b52d2b2a 61d7 44bb a40d 471473ff3153
53 points


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43 points

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43 points

Somebody explain this...

Preview e2dcb878 9550 4eac a071 6cd105c990f7
47 points

A fire erupted on a warehouse in Dominican Republic. Yes, that's a Compressed Natural Gas station, a few meters from it!

Preview bfcb44c6 cda2 491a b221 7e897e9a1576
46 points

Moved my couch to look for my ID and found my ex's Snus packet collection.

Preview 87993816 a32e 441e ae40 a6b0f5084076
65 points

Inside a Flute.

Preview a43e2664 443d 4dda 9223 a2031b1f0df6
76 points

A truck passed in front of the camera during a long exposure shot.

Preview 000004ce a110 4b8a 9aa4 8b7b50f235cb
46 points

Florida right now

Preview f57ee3a0 b5d6 49d7 a467 f0782bfcf12a
49 points

They say everyone survived

Preview a531baa7 94a9 4c7f b1b1 d14a9da3d359
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