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Mmmm....long pig.

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54 points

Pregnant ladies with WiFi?

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58 points

Oops, it was bigger than expected.

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Snek came inside, I don’t know why, but 3 little kitties just helped snek die.

Preview 5202fb59 8306 4512 bdd0 0822f4c394ea

My wife got me a new cutting board!

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78 points

Teen Jeopardy

Preview 7b8b77b1 5c60 4bf0 a8ba df2ee7f4abc4
19 points

Oh man

Preview 60a2975c e582 4f43 92c2 c54c2f32fdb5
19 points

Sign at the register of a local restaurant

Preview f131aa5a 4c48 4d02 b21c c9a9cb14a29a
61 points

Now I know why Adidas pants have a vertical stripe and the sneakers stripes have an angle

Preview c711c464 dc86 4018 8263 75a02b4b68be
101 points

Hells yeah

Preview ed06c59b 6234 4166 9e64 0d21c6fd873b
98 points

Sounds about right.

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20 points

Good thing they had a photographer to snap their bike stunts

Preview ea73fcfd 247c 49fc 8579 2e7f6f1e799a

Can't argue with that logic. (not mine)

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37 points

One of my coworkers is getting his citizenship today, so we left him a surprise for when he gets back.

Preview 3bf2be12 2e96 47a7 99a9 4e14dcbfeb1b
65 points

Jumping off the edge

Preview f807a7e1 2f32 4fdc 87fc b1e3cb78e182

You Wookie sack of sh*t

Preview 1b825086 299f 4330 be77 3d82c189941f
20 points


Preview 9a3a4b23 8134 4cd9 a1b6 f2d5d67c1c8d
21 points

I will just go around those blinking things

Preview 1edc0e76 a8e3 4088 aca4 617f68c792f7
84 points

Ann. The hero we need.

Preview e8f3f170 5836 4be5 a7f6 40c009c3790d
83 points

Pop-up wasps. what is yours?

Preview 8b67fae9 6b08 476e ad29 835739b33827
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