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Defying Gravity

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This windsurfer flew in at the best moment

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102 points

Sauna raft Joensuu Finland.

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82 points

Having a staring contest with these pelicans the whole boat tour

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Always listen to Dad

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103 points

Traveling with 3 years old son, he thinks that thing is trying to eat the plane...

Preview a859aa3c 33c6 49de aaa7 3fff27c11398
120 points

Runaway train hits the water

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100 points

A good sense of humor

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95 points

My graceful wife...

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117 points

My graceful wife...

Preview acad34e0 268c 4700 b315 16b7d533452a
105 points

Road trains in Australia

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79 points

The fisheye lens doesn’t help

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Trying to get a picture with a trout I caught

Preview f8b43e48 1858 4989 9472 e05f632cf483

This might have been posted here before, but it is so good i had to post it just in case ;)

Preview 16286926 ed8f 46c7 ae91 cd7b57bade05

Mama Freighter nursing her young

Preview cce87e15 a587 4a4e bcce 90bdbd0077d5
62 points

Never change Vegas

Preview 9d7b5e05 24b4 4c43 acfb 5999c0158108
105 points

Another shot from one of yesterday's accidents in Missouri. There was a young boy sitting in this seat. He survived with a broken eye socket and nose.

Preview 201dcd8d 940f 4e64 9d81 0a6fe38d224e
114 points

Dolphin towing a jetski

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Parking on the ice.

Preview 72c8c54d 52ee 4f0a 8ed3 45e5c0d59675
117 points

This is 125ft up IIRC. Seemed mildly r/Sweatypalms given that you don't have the harness clipped on here.

Preview 5579a45a 4f03 4968 bd87 6e3b01441d03

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