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Horrendous Tattoos That People Actually Got

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100 points

Natural tattoos done by thunder

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17 points

That ass

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4 points

What an Amazing Body!

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18 points

Heart tattoos are awesome!

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14 points

Columbian Soldier with a live 40mm grenade in his skull

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12 points

Tattoo artist Pis Saro uses real leaves and flowers as stencils to create botanical tattoos

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88 points

It hurts

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74 points

Just sharing my work in progress

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Chopping Up A Body While She Waits For Her Refund Prank Call


The strongest motherfucker in the world


So I saw the previous post and had to do this little edit

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10 points

Damn right it is!

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9 points

Airbag deployed. Branded for life.

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7 points

When someone says they're "big boned"

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Yanet Garcia Compilation in 1080p, the Mexican weather girl

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Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History (NSFW)

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