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Having 100,000 link karma and 6,000 comment karma

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Everyone talks about the cupping, but this is the scrapping..

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The Rock has the best instagram feed

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122 points

Adding bars can make a difference

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My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans

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75 points

LOL Malone😂

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118 points

Thicc nails

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Fat Chance Your Online Crush is Buff

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92 points

Today's Kids Will Never Know

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Nut Newsly

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I can't ever unsee it.

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Ordering a "pink lady" in Phuket , Thailand

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A week later after my dudes bachelor party.....still no idea how this happened.

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Our magazine does a swim suit issue once a year featuring models who submit applications online. We had a new submission this year that really caught our eye...

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So trueee😂😂

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This guy has WAY too much time on his hand.

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Bubble butt big ass german Emma Henke

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Diabetic man ended up with this situation after repeated injections of insulin into lower abdomen

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