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Mid-skid duck

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140 points

An absolute jerk

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AC rules! DC drools! Take that Borg!

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147 points

Grandpa managed to time the picture perfectly with the bird that crashed our table

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My daughter stole her brother’s favorite toy and gave him a makeover

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84 points

Thor is about to nail Thanos

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101 points

Nahhhh… I’d rather not.…

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Black panther

Preview fa353fb7 8511 4b77 893f 460d06b31cb5
103 points

Haute Couturepuss.

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106 points

No words.

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89 points

Zach Braff shared this faceswap of himself and Dax Shepard on Twitter

Preview c9006293 d91d 4fe9 9631 82a147ee1322
104 points

Every year on good Friday this man comes into our Bar dressed up as a Roman soldier

Preview d91b2bca 2b63 4dab aeeb 382b93286077
90 points

This guy is waiting for my fiancée in the bathroom, she gets up for work at 5:45am

Preview 701f3324 c2d7 4dd6 bf34 2165b447f6e0
99 points

Collection of April Fools Day pranks !

Preview 03b77ac9 21e3 4786 9bf3 7ed45d6c247f
100 points

“I only listen to current music”

Preview 542226be 16d8 40fe 950e f4ac2a67a5a5
139 points

When you have a meeting with your boss at 10 and a fight with the Black Knight at 11.

Preview 304a5683 d543 4f5b b701 dbb843a31be3
140 points

Sculpture made entirely out of human teeth

Preview b0362c4b a1cd 47bc adba 394fb0ee2b2f
126 points

My dad in the Peloponnesian War in 418 BC. Didn’t know this picture existed until I came across it randomly on the internet. He cried when he saw it. Hope this is the right place to post it.

Preview 38bde37d 75be 4f1c b44b 3b2218ce4922
89 points

Imagine someone asks if you have a light and you whip out a flammenwerfer

Preview 42bed5d8 d767 4467 ab00 f12b9df6d26e
92 points

H&M Fails Again. Shopping for clothes for my daughters and came across this terrible idea. #Uncomfortable

Preview c677b757 8aac 492a bddc 94a999049dc0
110 points

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