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Well that escalated quickly

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89 points

From a local newspaper, WTF is the only response to this one! Hope y’all can zoom in and read...yuck!

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73 points

My dad gave my fiancé a goat as dowry for our recent engagement as a joke

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83 points

Dear Abby,

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49 points

10 years ago today I was in grade 10 and smoked a doobie during lunch. Didn't know it was photo day.

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55 points

"He guards the tomatoes."

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52 points

In case you were wondering, this is how you put "stripper" on a resume.

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88 points

A conspiracy note put on cars in our lot tonight...

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72 points

Works almost every time.

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100 points

An announcment in the hotel I'm staying in .

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These illuminati books and papers found in an abandoned house

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66 points

The mustard terrorist

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85 points

The perfect book doesnt exis-

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87 points

I prefer this ending.

Preview 00232161 8f60 438b 925d 38e2ecee8ea6
93 points

My neighbours an asshole. I figured this note was appropriate.

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97 points

Found this while flipping through Facebook

Preview 54cba76c be9d 4245 b119 c704b9d81df1
102 points

Gas doesn’t freeze in 32 degrees f

Preview 79420097 fe00 4725 8ee7 41be982bdbd9
90 points

Dating food

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96 points

it finally arrived

Preview e057f8dc edd3 43f1 8039 278d4291c28d
83 points

Harrods are charging £80 for a bottle of ice berg water

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