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People were asked to write down their fear at a museum exhibit

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Two types of whamen

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For you people who saw my last post. I am now finished with my table! just going go oil in the wood

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Wait, what? (X-post r/FoundPaper

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If only birds were a bit bigger

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When your cat plays with the box his cat tree came in more than his cat tree. 😾

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Accidently printed the Terms of service instead of accepting them.

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Stay in school, kids.

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This NYC subway ad for "Period-Proof" underwear looks like a woman relax in a puddle of her own menstrual fluids.

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Strychnine for all that ails you.

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saw this on the wall

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Books Are The Shit.

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Mind blown

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Mother-in-law gave my wife a book about baby care from 1985. It has a section about Homosexuality...

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Found my old diary from second grade. Apparently my childhood was a bit more interesting than I recall.

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Oh well!

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What a poem

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I want to be a writer now

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Tolkien lore - The Dwarves

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