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Oyster Grits

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51 points

The series takes an unexpected turn.

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61 points

New message from my mentally disturbed neighbor. Update

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99 points

I think I want to hear the story behind this

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115 points

This teacher’s been a teacher before

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120 points

A confession to a friend.

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117 points

Deciding who to wife

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94 points

Do not disturb

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90 points

I would say he deserves an A+

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102 points

Panic at the local second-hand store in Wellington.

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88 points


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88 points

Math is hard. Don't let it get you down

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72 points

I’ll be damned. It worked. Heading to store now for air freshener and some silky soft toilet paper.

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79 points

I trolled my workplace. This document will be mass printed and distributed to customers. Lmao

Preview 142ef0c0 fe26 4722 820d 409ec50c7eff
109 points

Fine dining indeed

Preview 12fbb889 79a2 44e8 8c46 122e20ce4bd8
87 points

Found this interesting 'poem' in my grandpa's things today.

Preview 81eec6dc 7863 443b 818e 0e256414c071
80 points

Asbestos Jewelry

Preview 9122f469 c349 4de7 9d5e a4a1bf40a1ea
76 points

Sometimes the legal system can be funny.

Preview 6a3cc000 62fd 4e13 8a67 56c74dd0e0f1
96 points

Printer cat guarding her spoils. 38 test pages in under a week.

Preview e78a004b c3d0 443c 9a6e 78f71d669d4c

And it's good advice

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99 points

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