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What should I do?

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Faith in humanity respawn.

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12 points

Handing in my notice today.

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10 points

Texas Pride

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The history of the potato

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13 points

So much WTF!

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14 points

The book we need

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11 points

Assailant..."slipped and fell"

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16 points

Open your mouth and receive the gift of the lord

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15 points

So much WTF!

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13 points

Best line of the show

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4 points

Possibly the greatest table of contents ever

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12 points

Tick-tock, not tock-tick

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4 points

Saw this while attending my grandmother's funeral...

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6 points

What do I need algebra for?

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3 points

I found this butterfly between the sheets of a 231 years old book

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7 points

Anybody speak Spanish?

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*Cries in the corner while stuffing face with pizza*

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7 points

Dammit Jamal everytime!

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5 points

Words that aren't in the dictionary but still make logical sense...

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124 points

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