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Essential foreign swear words

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17 points

That's a risk, alright.

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76 points

The all-American element of surprise

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74 points

I’m no theologian, but that seems suspicious.

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68 points

Hue Jackman

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69 points

Goddammit Gary!

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56 points

When the kid wakes up

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85 points

Food for thought

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43 points

This textbook uses donuts to explain social media.

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60 points

Rebooting is always a way out

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39 points

Food for thought

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19 points


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23 points

This kid.... Read the second paragraph, and then check out his grade.

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Review of "Young Sheldon" in the University of Rochester student newspaper

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62 points


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A joke book from 1940, And it was pure savage

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19 points

Exercise for people over 60

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From Facebook

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When your friend's Hallowe'en party invites are so epic that Canada Post thinks they were damaged in the mailstream .

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78 points

The G-String Lawyer

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