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I’m no theologian, but that seems suspicious.

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95 points

This kid's going places

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77 points

A man's guide to love and lasting relationships

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When I grow up I wanna be...

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68 points

Teddy Roosevelt's diary entry from the day his wife died

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73 points

Best GTA game

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81 points

Beauty and the tats

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99 points

Ralph asks the real question

Preview 13d8b4b7 012b 427d 8b06 4565b819e9d4
50 points

Hoe usef Vacuum suck. It was super effective

Preview 65fff004 278b 4f17 a9fe 71ee3a65a955

This new scene from the intro

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The history of the potato

Preview 37ee1417 336e 4f93 add3 6c1a97e8acbd
44 points

I plan on filling this page with detailed spongebob drawings. join me on this wondrous journey won't you

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68 points

That escalated quickly

Preview 3c96ebeb ad90 4cbb 8fab 7c04ac9c5d36
22 points

I found this butterfly between the sheets of a 231 years old book

Preview 8738fb6c 6ac8 4e02 8f9d 2858bbd56396
63 points

Let me hear your best science jokes.

Preview 94c3e4e3 1ab0 4192 886f 7775bf2f73ff
62 points

Falling asleep while reading a magazine

Preview bbaff3eb 3f71 416d b0d5 9f583041166b
17 points

The desert quadrilogy

Preview 75d0d7f9 3db7 46a9 b559 becb43ee48cd
159 points

Our teacher f**ked up, answer key on the back of the test.

Preview c272f3b9 c563 4313 be13 7b94540e9b48
271 points

Jesus signed this?

Preview 74c875c6 8e59 4e68 9170 d6555d3d557f
154 points

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