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Smash F9 to quick load

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85 points

Amen to that.

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84 points

That's going to save you a lot more than $600

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79 points

My sister let's her kids make inspirational quotes for each day. This was my nephews quote for today

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101 points

This restroom sign in San Francisco, California

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72 points

He beat me till I lost my soul

Preview 20cf502f 2553 4ce8 b1e9 38962d2a1d4c
88 points

This is why I love this game.

Preview 2d6a98a3 4547 447e bfa3 662fed61aa20
101 points

Just say 'Yes' to saying 'No' to saying 'Yes' to drugs

Preview cb7c4286 406b 4164 9676 98d2041c4e3b
88 points

The Classic Vertical one-In-A-Row Game!

Preview 351e2283 e4ac 4c85 9bbf 03c0a19fb073
45 points

Oh crap!

Preview e81970f0 8506 4147 aa26 136b3b79a86d
50 points

Shaggy at his best.

Preview 7898121c 13fd 4f99 baeb e6eff6333896
41 points

In honor of Black History Month.

Preview e895dd79 eba6 413d 8534 05891f724790
64 points

My wife’s card to me. This is what love looks like.

Preview 4d5ef20a dd0d 41ad 9c17 a177786033b1
49 points

Found this at a garage sale

Preview f1dcd0e2 0f59 49e7 9115 dcc500496532
61 points


Preview c9edf860 6e25 4234 9197 3a2e41881b76
71 points

Donny Kerabatsos Action Figure

Preview 214c7634 2463 400a b38f 19d085952d3f
70 points

Pretty honest marketing

Preview 562ff328 795c 4ece b15e 85cea5e4c85e
54 points

When cards against humanity get a bit too real.

Preview 0433c007 85e2 4d3d 89fe f5f22b0f5bb4
100 points

Old but too good

Preview 1131d655 24bf 4f72 a859 6e56ea08c2bb
93 points

Sum fuk?

Preview 007a73ec c407 48a4 908d fbe60d89904c
108 points

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