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Life in a nutshell

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79 points

N... Nani?

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23 points

Save this shit

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15 points

Hope for the future

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79 points

Ain't that the truth

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8 points

Happens all the time

Preview ec92c3b3 97d7 4ee7 aab0 cc9ea206d229
11 points

Playing Skyrim be like...

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5 points

Everything went better than expected

Preview f28d9b35 a206 4584 8cff c768f1a3e3a7
11 points

And in 'Merica it's a 3 day weekend

Preview 12e45291 712e 4ed2 b833 2cda09ae6c0e
6 points

When you are in the polish army and you see Hans with his flammenwerfer

Preview 95df6b5b a94b 438d a521 951e223b12f2
7 points

Not new but totally accurate

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10 points

A very good question

Preview 1e98fc9e 97c9 4306 80c1 7a82a4cee328
6 points

24 Hilarious Porn Parody Titles That Prove Nothing Is Sexier Than Puns

Preview 12f4fb91 4e62 4c5a 9977 8d029421f549
10 points

True story brothers

Preview b1fa972d 2404 4a9b bc91 cb9fd14fcfdd
5 points

Spotted in Rethymno - Crete ( Island of Greece )

Preview d7195332 9b27 4624 81af 6438bf731275

Free them puppies!!!

Preview 4d106ff5 8673 472f ab4b 2915fa363aa5
20 points

Deep post is deep

Preview 58514116 6e5a 4a7a 8533 588abc649681
22 points

Or because I stole a sweet roll

Preview 2285801f 2dec 4908 8d93 d05d25a03a19
19 points

For your colon

Preview a61d4267 446b 41ac b7b7 6ed0e2e0e616
16 points

Valentine’s Day Cards To Romance The Geek In Your Life

Preview 471a21ba d8b4 46a7 963a c303c697a0d2
15 points

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