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Mexico City concrete home and studio of Pedro Reyes and Carla Fernandez

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21 points

Studio at 'The Brain' in Seattle, Washington

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9 points

Somehow I found this at a thrift store..

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82 points

House goals

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13 points

Cozy Home Library

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12 points

HLS Library

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17 points

The way my TV fits between these doors

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4 points

2BR apartment in east los angeles

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18 points

My hometown gas station giving advice to kids for the 4th.

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3 points

Bright + cozy reading nook, San Diego artist studio by Safdie Rabines Architects

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4 points

Like A boss

Preview c72e940b 30af 414e 86cf 4bcccd21ce30
111 points

Japanese Video Rental Store Owner Has Truly Insane Gaming Setup

Preview c7805425 970f 4e28 b3ec e173219520ad
3 points
Preview 44589c72 eb53 4c50 9405 cd1f99bda3c2
118 points

Inside a flat on the Boulevard Barbès in Paris © Marie Janiszewski

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7 points


Preview b2e5f210 cd97 4923 8be9 84a6d71d61c9
11 points

Loft with second floor Library

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90 points

America! F**k yeah!

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109 points

Secret door in an Austrian library

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98 points

Library, Switzerland

Preview 3506d210 d6ad 4155 86a8 53b740cf7815
128 points

Open plan room, New Zealand

Preview 2fa55f58 6c62 42dd 8ca2 2fa9ea2b246e
98 points

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