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My cat decided he wanted to sit in my bookshelf, he proceeded to remove some books to get the perfect spot.

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Typical scandinavian design at the Royal institute of technology in Stockholm

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67 points

Edris House, Palm Springs, CA, USA

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69 points

Hanging around for a friend

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Bohemian flat in Buenos Aires with spiral staircase leading to lofted bed

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37 points

Studio apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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88 points

Upper level of a used book store

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58 points

Sunken dining space and a timber living space of a boatshed in Auckland, New Zealand

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72 points

Balinese inspired contemporary kitchen in Montecito, California

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72 points

The 9th Century St. Florian Monastery in Austria

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52 points

The home library of a retired Johns Hopkins professor

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51 points

Family room with tons of book storage in this Chicago apartment

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58 points

No need to check this book out to learn what I need to know about Australian Shepherds

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Library designed by Kelly Wearstler

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76 points

Mexico City concrete home and studio of Pedro Reyes and Carla Fernandez

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58 points

Studio at 'The Brain' in Seattle, Washington

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61 points

Somehow I found this at a thrift store..

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102 points

House goals

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66 points

Cozy Home Library

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23 points

HLS Library

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56 points

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