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1977 Sgt. Rock Comic Has a pretty good point.

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76 points

I found a 1977 year book with a play called “The KKK comes alive.” Wtf

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89 points

My mom's pet mantis died, so she gave it a proper burial.

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120 points

I discovered this cool feature in new Indian Rupee notes, ha!

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60 points

My son said it’s a basket

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21 points

Asbestos Jewelry

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76 points

Hampton Inn throws shade at msn.com

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109 points

"I can't believe it...I'm on a bookmark!"

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73 points

Good work olympics. Deustche Demokratische Republik stronk

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91 points

This hurts!!

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64 points

Dear God

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74 points

Should i stay or should i go

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59 points

My uncle's a firefighter. One of the kids they rescued drew up a thank you note...

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Friend on Facebook posted this today. Her gum wad collection, 7 years in the making.

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99 points

Oh? You need a ride?

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103 points

Books Are The Shit.

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108 points

Round of applause for him👏👏👏

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