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160 points

Fight to the birth.

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150 points

Canadian vandalism at its worst

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93 points

saw this on Grattan Bridge in Dublin

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114 points

2 lame fortune cookies

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122 points

My wife slid this under the bathroom door for me.

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120 points

Visual depiction of my anxiety

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126 points

Found at a gas station in my city

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110 points

My Fiancé is a 3rd Grade teacher and has to explain these words to her kids everyday

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119 points

Backpack seller answers a question

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60 points

Bathroom at MSP Airport

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135 points

Earth is not the only "flat thing". This tennis ball is also flat

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93 points

Gun browsing, came across this description

Preview 076e5095 ba62 4cf7 aca0 f79dbeb13e00

Typical salty YouTube comment section

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127 points

Army recruited visit

Preview 0c8261cf a04f 4481 864e 4da2f3f93d22

27 Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them

Preview f1e3c61c ea90 4bc2 a9a5 8a01432f7686
195 points

Socially awkward people

Preview e8f4fc1e e598 4610 b8e4 bc40d13ea158
137 points

My phone camera captured the flash of a lighting storm, the split effect is caused by the rolling shutter on my phone camera

Preview d043297c 58d0 4ebe b8a5 b244e31b855b
118 points

Intelligence is sexy

Preview a46f93b4 5ed8 4ede 9479 fb9aae97b261
119 points

So I saw this post

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