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Found my cat drunk af!

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16 points

My wifes beer she almost drank

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63 points

Dirty glasses? Just clean them with Cat Crap!

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16 points

The greatest over-the-hill cake I've ever seen.

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20 points

How about some ChardonYAYYY?

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76 points

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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15 points

I need this in my life

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23 points

Craft beer

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7 points

It's a-me

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21 points

My granddad had this bottle of milk for around 40 years. Now I've got it.

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39 points

Fix your scratches easily by placing a bottle in front of them!

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22 points

Water Bottle Prank 🤣


How Canadians build savings accounts

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24 points

I'll take a Mr. Clean on the rocks, please.

Preview 145d8246 ae7a 453e 99e4 310722ecb9d7
20 points

Oh the Sweet Smell of...

Preview e78b529a 7cf0 407b 8261 754832b7af14
19 points


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21 points

Fanta why??

Preview 12d8ad21 ed43 4399 ac67 99a067fa5a24
0 points

Eclipse viewer

Preview c253d89a 9797 40de 9da1 ab89094b0500
24 points

Post says it all

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3 points

Broke but proud

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