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I accidentally melted a bottle of honey and now it looks like the inbred cousin

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98 points

Was searching Amazon for 99% isopropyl alcohol and this popped up. 100% Grain Alcohol AKA Moonshine. WTF?

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72 points

The nurse, during my annual wellness check, suggested at my age I should have a bar in the shower. So I took her advice.

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80 points

It’s a-me,

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53 points

Well that complicates things....

Preview d82f72e3 6d2b 4645 84c4 9ecf0a82ecde
58 points

I work in a chicken house and this has to be the strangest egg I've ever seen

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60 points

Extra thicc

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108 points

This review

Preview ea47a114 66bc 4349 8384 b8123d706ee8
96 points

I'm sorry i dropped you stop giving me that look

Preview 67f20324 7a9e 45d7 9a0c 04e4abd9b7a2
74 points

Now in your cold isle - horse milk

Preview d9bb756d 901b 49c4 858a e86c23150e81
34 points

Someone’s about to get fired..

Preview 1815b5c9 93c9 42f8 a582 8ba48fd26bd6
82 points

The only Vodka in the world made with pure milk (it's delicious too)

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82 points

About right

Preview b9649b8d 78b7 498e 8eaa 3170218b1404
93 points

Finally found it! decently priced too

Preview 62cd7284 f032 494b 8009 4b68bc5a72e1
92 points

Well that's one way to prevent theft...

Preview 3f46b8db 6420 412c 8a86 86f0096261c0
103 points

Well it ain't gonna suck itself

Preview 5ee20743 0cff 45f8 8868 0a2713f2ee62
60 points

We did a secret santa and someone got a package of oreos with the creme separated from the cookies

Preview 22ff29d5 c9c9 444a b168 4d5e7f7b44c9
84 points

........Aaaaaand this is how I got my creamer to stop dissipating at work.

Preview c53674b7 8fcf 4a39 ae05 ad0a36baeca7
84 points

I call it Hahn Solo

Preview ddf4ec22 42e2 48e1 b24f a0277f5ecc16
90 points

Ohio kids parents give teacher wine for Christmas with sons picture reading "Our child might be the reason you drink."

Preview d53d815f ade4 4301 90ca 67604f50d536
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