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Ohio kids parents give teacher wine for Christmas with sons picture reading "Our child might be the reason you drink."

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12 points

Anyone keen for some milk pop?

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22 points

My sweet innocent mother got my sister a thermos with her initials monogramed on it for Christmas.

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20 points

Got a vasectomy. Parents got me a gift.

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38 points

On a vending machine at my college today. Someone isn't satisfied with their higher education.

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46 points

Anyone keen for some milk pop?

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13 points

Meanwhile, in Saigon...

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15 points

Looked in my Grandparents Liquor Cabinet...

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19 points

Ohh Damn

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18 points

My dad got this for me, I just realized that I should have posted this a wile ago. There’s also a barf one. The guy at the shop says it’s flavor depends on what you ate.

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15 points

DIY Grills

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83 points

This beer has the best label I've ever seen.

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24 points

Vacation Planning

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100 points

(Not Mine)

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67 points

petition for this to be on all wine bottles...

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66 points

Me in a nutshell

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10 points

Best bartender in the world

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19 points

Found at a store...Possum Oil Cure-all from Progresso, Mexico.

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