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3d printed door stopper at my school

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103 points

This Worked Until that Creep Chuck Got Back from Vacation

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99 points

"I used to be stressed until I started yoga, you should try it!"

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101 points

Don’t do it man...

Preview c5934763 9ecc 4dea a78c caf7e30a5717
68 points

someone broke into my moms car

12 points

can i have some chicken

Preview 4f36ad74 54d0 45c5 8d89 82cc7bd0ceb7
94 points

Been looking all over for this..

Preview 2aaff27e 4219 4bfb b389 5025629f1ac6
87 points

What color is your cup?

Preview 7ac8d17e b105 46e5 9356 4aee27df9bc5
95 points

This is so satisfying

Preview a9eb95ee c6a8 4e20 9ae0 5f155c1d15c4

Too soon?

Preview f1c964c2 08bc 4f8c bf0d 4e42ffb9ce5e
87 points

Employee bathroom at Amazon

Preview 169f5e14 3167 4aff 9342 401af92f00a3
117 points

Don’t just erase memories, erase the entire fucking hard drive.

Preview 988c9ad9 0f7b 4121 854d 84e530630d0e
105 points

How CVS pays for all the receipt paper they use

Preview 82539a1f d9b3 416d b79d c2b5f751123b
108 points

My roommate and I hosted a couple of people as a favor for a friend of mine. Now that they've moved out, we're finding Easter eggs.

Preview 70dc6f32 1417 45f3 8b9d 59f22a77352b
91 points

every time the weather starts to warm up those fraps start lookin goooood

Preview ff779b49 f1aa 4bdc a1aa 41d819f04e71
101 points

They said he couldn’t, yet Elon Musk delivered again

Preview d8610001 4c85 477c bc34 2f66c1c8dbe6
87 points

The instructions for this new dog shampoo

Preview 8731db98 8917 4d4d 9053 9e95549684bf
100 points

The shape of Maryland makes for a shitty cutting board.

Preview 215ad8b9 64eb 4bcb a292 913c57aa2c70
115 points

Well i choose energy LOL

Preview d64c06c7 adcc 4a18 8a08 64fa7abfb6cc

Facebook Is Hiring !

Preview cfaf240a 216b 4823 b668 74da1af5ac19
86 points

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