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Perfect for every garden lover

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18 points

The perfect vodka doesn't ex...

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11 points

This bottle of Magic Soap

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18 points

Ah yes, my butt sits perfectly on your water cup

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Good job, mate.

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18 points

Ready or not?

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2 points

When you try to be healthy

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2 points

Spot the dog

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2 points

Why didn't m&m make it as their product???

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14 points

Sister pranks big brother with magic trick


Found this in a museum - KKK laxative

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9 points

"I'll never need geography. I'm going to sell wine when I grow up!"

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2 points

Meals ready to eat.

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14 points

Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

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77 points

Found this in a museum - KKK laxative

Preview feb9548c 24a0 4a14 8da9 2d4d7d522fd4
9 points

Best prank ever...

Preview a448afa3 92b0 498e a552 c81b51c8cbef
20 points

Enjoy life

Preview f81cdedc 44f7 45fb 89ed 70224be3f121
75 points

I took an awesome shot in Paris, thought I'd share with you all.

Preview e8919588 d918 4729 9a7a 49e2c7c7ce78
75 points

RIP Adam West, You've Had Your Journey.

Preview 30ee4afa 2902 4bc0 a48d bff15da0809f

Any more vacancy?

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