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Used makeup app on my son and now he's a strong indipendent woman, who don't need No man

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190 points

So then I asked

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127 points

poor rob

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157 points


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107 points

I want this kid to be my wingman.

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112 points

Every upvote matters

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116 points

All he ever wanted was to be human

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135 points

Natural progression.

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Like a midget at a urinal, these Frank Drebin quotes will keep you on your toes

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Atleast wait till im in the ground.

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108 points

People change mindsets.

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109 points

Joel Osteen looking at all the Hurricane Harvey evacuees

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111 points

Kid Arrested for having sex with hamster. www.

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125 points

Someone give something to this guy...

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104 points

Also Khal Drogo looks a lot like Scarr from The Lion King if you think about it.

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102 points

My picks for the next James Bond.. What are yours?

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115 points

(don't know a good name)

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