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I would like to buy one of these.

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218 points

Guess who was there

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Stage Fright x 10

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99 points

My freind is going to be "pissed". At my fake urine in the sink. Thank you yellow soap and yellow food dye.

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105 points

Can someone please explain what happened here? Famous fast food restaurant bathroom spattered with feathers and accompanied by an small empty bottle of Jack.

Preview e839ff9c e32c 4fbb b0e8 1105c9fc2ebc
116 points

Green Pasta?

Preview b455f355 b7a0 48e2 9fd7 3f782cf80040
117 points

Since frozen critters is a current thing...

Preview 33d5bc73 7eaa 42fe 8cde 31a6ba73cfd7
107 points

Might be a Brit thing..... however, you must feel like a winner when you open a tub of sweets and someone has chucked another variety on the mix! Christmas still delivering gifts in 2018.

Preview 13314359 f931 409b 8f41 3ee2f3e3c31c
102 points

That one time someone missed

Preview 7e46c01b 65fc 428a addc cba9463ab591
116 points

Too latte

Preview 4535dbbf 4a95 44c4 802e 5e70acf4ce62
95 points

When there's a huge UI problem

Preview 70b75300 83bc 4fc5 84a3 b318ae50e7da
126 points

I didn't know male restrooms can be so awkward

Preview b3f7425c 5bd4 4682 a2c0 3f8e02925f93
69 points

In a parallel world

Preview 992dfe25 a3d0 4c32 9371 540c75e5861d
78 points

These are all different types of Opals.

Preview f6845d4f 770c 4ee4 ba9f 4f940a36d7ca
64 points

Happy Thanksgiving

Preview c32ecf1d d9f1 4102 b712 eabc9ee94052
82 points

Simple fly or mosquito trap - syrup, water, soap (destroys surface tention)

Preview 866c8b7b 0f85 4741 8151 3098d5acffa3
60 points

Sometimes I eat my wife's candy. Today she hid it from me; in the plate cabinet, where I get my plates from, every meal.

Preview 6718a153 1aed 4ba7 9ca6 8809aba6f6f1
174 points

Happy sink of the mayo

Preview 76b4a05c 2adf 4b87 bd32 26e473dd84ab
12 points

Inside the Pokèball

Preview 418993e7 0ca5 4519 bc37 3c01ea8d83e6
62 points

When two bowls clip together

Preview 91b255dc 0d9e 4953 9575 d309a652822e
114 points

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