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Since frozen critters is a current thing...

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87 points

That one time someone missed

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78 points

Too latte

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66 points

When there's a huge UI problem

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I didn't know male restrooms can be so awkward

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58 points

In a parallel world

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58 points

These are all different types of Opals.

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24 points

Happy Thanksgiving

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49 points

Simple fly or mosquito trap - syrup, water, soap (destroys surface tention)

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53 points

Happy sink of the mayo

Preview 76b4a05c 2adf 4b87 bd32 26e473dd84ab
6 points

Inside the Pokèball

Preview 418993e7 0ca5 4519 bc37 3c01ea8d83e6
21 points


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18 points

Monkey soup

Preview 0bf37f0b e067 4934 b8ad 14f8d5952d44
152 points

Free NFL Tickets at Metlife Stadium - Radio Prank Call

54 points

Quite dark if you think about it

Preview 983d5801 02fa 4049 8221 2c3f58cd78f1
169 points

In Indonesia, you can't eat something without rice

Preview 5591a23a 0ea5 40db 9042 b8e45e1ea1f7
215 points

Watching A Master Woodworker Turn A Log Into A Bowl Is the Perfect Way To Relax

430 points

Let's talk about that.

Preview 75b8026c 98ae 4b2b a52c fb4a16088943
140 points

Vladimir pudding

Preview 33084a75 59fc 49f9 bcba 648c3e133906
144 points

Ozzy Man's Critical Review On Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Performance Gig Is Hilarious

154 points

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