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Woops,I guess they all know now

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42 points

When you actually have to tell people your cat actually isnt missing

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Sighted in Epsom, England.

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47 points

Plans for the future

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77 points

The Last Supper.

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68 points

This Elmo arrived in the mail like someone in the Sesame Street mafia was trying to send a message...

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64 points

Reconsider allowing friends to label your boxes.

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37 points

Very subtle

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19 points

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Preview 4eb8ba7c c170 448c 9279 ac1d923589c3
14 points

Waiting for me on the nightstand when I came home for Christmas. Mother knows best.

Preview f8c5d906 7187 43a3 9ab4 adb3d2e08410
16 points

17th century assassins poison cabinets desguised as books

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47 points

These boxes are dropping a sick beat for me

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19 points

The New Avengers Movie is Looking Great

Preview 2eda2f60 ce17 4b8a b863 e0e8ef85bc2a
48 points

Amazon made sure my shredded white paper was well protected with air pockets. Who knows what would’ve happened to it otherwise.

Preview 50115194 da9a 40aa 8b47 e7fd9f30c68c
24 points

And the CAT says

Preview 829b0f28 0d1a 4006 ae2f 441263c7c789
54 points

Just found the perfect take out spot

Preview d26cda71 5a89 4311 a1a8 ab10d368bb60

All of this waste for 6 strawberries

Preview 50669792 bb32 48ba b512 4beb9faac9f1
22 points

Grandma's travel kit - always brings it along on Thanksgiving.

Preview fc1826ad 2958 4e04 ab18 69e10c475f9b
58 points


Preview cf9c04ab 5bb8 4c07 8601 a0f3f21f6a77

Math may not seem very important to some, but in my school, it's some serious shit!

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