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Make him famous

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61 points

Mocha is in time out for biting her human.

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Mmm biscuits

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91 points

My kitchen 4032*3024

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77 points


Preview c92644c7 87e0 402f 8518 f4ecf39c8850
66 points

My friend was protecting his laptop from a Pringles/Coke combination

Preview 28905276 c756 420a 942d af0b400c0cf8
110 points

They can't hide

Preview bffea25b fb71 41ee b996 863698904eb7
108 points

Delilah wasn't as amused as I was

Preview 9d91fc93 c21c 48d4 84e4 94a9195f3822
103 points

Welcome to the real world!

Preview dfdf7ead dd90 4b8f 81e5 a460e5b5a156
86 points

Authentic Signature

Preview 597fe8bc 7057 4906 95ad cba386bdac5e
74 points

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No wait, it is a bird.

Preview 769c734d b3e0 4888 899a ad474d3d7d5e

This coconut water with an attitude

Preview 2d683185 a563 4941 a3c5 a84a0f512f70
76 points

My mom's pet mantis died, so she gave it a proper burial.

Preview 0a60e58d 3df4 4d28 836c 908c218245bf
120 points

don’t eat on the metro kids

Preview 64b70b9b 5eb4 479d 9bf7 49cdf6232895
109 points

Hit a huge milestone at work today, incredibly thankful for everyone who helped make it possible!

Preview 2ff95266 dfff 4333 8f4e 366a0bc9e90f
91 points

Sometimes you gotta throw the whole restaurant away.

Preview bc049f41 77ab 4754 8a0d ac9f5806a261
84 points

Lmk how my 3-4 year olds will be marching like an “art” and why I left my aids in charge for the day

Preview 80607a70 5cf2 474b b9c0 8a43ea086a5f
105 points

7 course Irish meal

Preview 5c7998db 5c5f 4187 adb4 9ba7d6baa2dd
103 points

They said he couldn’t, yet Elon Musk delivered again

Preview d8610001 4c85 477c bc34 2f66c1c8dbe6
85 points

Mathecatics Equation

Preview a3c56a07 f3be 4b05 9e42 7e98aba5b716
91 points

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