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This pallet of boxes looks like they're up to something.

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11 points

Braille Rubik's Cube

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12 points

Caught someone trying to illegally set off the fire alarm.

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75 points

R I c h b o I

Preview ec2cee79 035d 484a 8946 75091ba1656e
10 points

The Law Of Cats

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9 points

He doesn't enjoy just any cardboard box, only boxes which contained £40 cat towers for him to ignore...

Preview 6674dea4 2cb5 453a bf02 0d4969256885

Return to the sender...

Preview 1f2e95d9 9765 4223 a6f6 89a11b7759c9
16 points

Your move, Schrödinger.

Preview 8b682a0f 5997 408d b1bd c3fd165fe470
10 points

The hunter stalks her prey

Preview 73ae9583 96af 47e4 9a0d 5fde04334c3c
11 points

Sweet note at our Westminster, Colorado dog park. Duke died on Friday and willed his tennis ball collection to the dogs at the park.

Preview b2e7786b 8391 4c62 9b6c d08f4aac2da9
14 points

Not every product needs a mascot...

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13 points

The card messages are often the best part of being a florist.

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73 points

Strong marketing.

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1 points

Let me out ,come on

Preview 1503b6bd 5a5d 419f 9acb 6ea509d7e5eb
1 points

I think I'll get a loaf from another shop...

Preview e43f03cc 6051 4e2c 81c0 83efb41df591
1 points

My package came.

Preview 638386f5 2306 4497 ab9a 1ff963f7ea88
3 points

How you know when a company sells your information

Preview 101c6e70 01bb 4555 b7e4 330eb53d0ba4
2 points

Somebody made this awesome pixar movie mock concept. Its EPIC

Preview de1e5870 65c0 4312 80a9 93fd0f6434b5
2 points

My roommate's cat is pregnant, so I made her a box to give birth in.

Preview 4dd5b478 e5a1 4557 bc19 49f79b81bf11
2 points

Poo Emoji Cookie

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