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Sweet note at our Westminster, Colorado dog park. Duke died on Friday and willed his tennis ball collection to the dogs at the park.

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Not every product needs a mascot...

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The card messages are often the best part of being a florist.

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Somebody made this awesome pixar movie mock concept. Its EPIC

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Italian skin composition

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191 points

Boys rule girls drool

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162 points

Oh lord..

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Saw this on work site last week. At least he tried

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Now you can buy cancer to go

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If you know this your life was awesome.

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Amazon packaging these days...

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I hope she says yes 😍

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The Lotus Box Puzzle Is Simply Fascinating And Unexpected

255 points

Make bins great again

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197 points

When you love sauna but hate humans

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204 points

Who else knows someone like this

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They are zeros bro! (Found in HongKong)

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223 points

Box of Badassery

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