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Is this a new innuendo?

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249 points

Creative? Yes Drunk? Also, yes

Preview da50b611 a3d8 44a4 b09f 11d2e7628892
150 points

I saw this in my “hip ‘n happening” neighbors bathroom during our annual garage crawl last weekend.

Preview a1daf4a1 9435 48b9 b551 d4f49a860045
199 points

Savage mode activated.

Preview 568a7876 ff44 4d02 8d7c 464f7b6bbad3
162 points

Italian Table Soccer

Preview cdb24380 b2f6 469a b31e 310db8f5d709
117 points

Meat not meth taken in mt. Home Arkansas of all places.

Preview c6cbaccf e493 4e39 b6dc 6dea4cee8740
205 points


Preview b23800bc 3c54 4b2d b3fa 45d782dc1c18

Realistic Foosball table.

Preview 318f6200 aaa2 4bab 9a5d 51381fc9ceda
156 points

See the broken glass on top of the fridge? Guess where the extra coffee pot used to be.

Preview 42605c30 e6c5 4c5e a2cc 23af712bbdcf

Want sweets?

Preview 52129ecc 6830 4c5a 9fae 1c874cd794c7
169 points

My new desk art. Boss wasn't pleased.

Preview f356794a d234 4938 a2eb 5eaa3d2c1cb3
153 points

Saw this today and just about died

Preview 63c140c2 076d 4d84 ab06 37666a002ee3
148 points

Convert an abandoned pay phone into a bread box in 1 easy step: shove it full of bread.

Preview 89e263e2 38e4 4919 bafb 6c52d4e2eb66
149 points

Walked into a convenience store to get some snacks and this caught my eye.

Preview f0807ab8 cb8d 4f2d aa2e 1459ecee97c3
138 points

Today was my last day at work, so I bought the team a cake

Preview 4d6a27a3 8ad8 4d03 a839 211e2a375788
160 points


Preview cad55717 78aa 4f9a 8fc1 b2696c7570a0
98 points

Jack on Pepper Jack

Preview da21e1b5 d0a0 402c b6f5 b850e3069525
109 points

I’m crying, I’m laughing so hard

Preview 0cda9ff2 1ebc 40ea 9342 41c137e1231f
111 points

Balloons deserve education too!

Preview db1cd8dd 119c 4045 9256 91c8ae0be6c6
84 points

Bat decided it wanted to come visit

Preview e8724159 ae7a 49ac bb3d 81f910ac1e61

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